How to Clean Binoculars?

To keep your Binocular active for years, you need to make sure you can clean it properly. Many users do not know how to clean their pair of binoculars. On top of that, some bird watchers clean their binoculars in a way that is extremely damaging for the binocular’s efficiency. To show you the right method to clean your binoculars ins and outs, we have come up with this guide. In this guide, we will be focusing on how to clean the lens and the body of the binoculars impeccably. However, if you have not bought your binocular yet, and looking for one within your budget, you can hop on to this article top 10 best binoculars under 200. 

How to Clean the Lens of the Binoculars? 

A Popular Mistake! 

Have you seen people near you who breathe on the lenses or glasses of their binoculars and then rub the glasses with their shirts? This is one of the common scenarios and popular mistakes that we see around. Nothing can be more damaging for the lenses than following this technique. 

You have to understand one thing, dust is formed by silica or tiny rocks. Rubbing the lenses covered with dust will only degrade the lenses as those materials are harder than the glass. Though you might want to clean the dust by rubbing, you end up making microscopic scratches that only makes the future images cloudy, foggy, and eventually unclear. 

The Right Way

So, what’s the right way to clean the binoculars then? Don’t worry, we are going to explain every bit of this in the following paragraphs. Just one rule of thumb for cleaning the lenses is that: Never rub the glasses before you get the dust off. However, let’s now show you the right way to clean the lenses of your binoculars step by step. 

Step-1: Remove the Dust from the Lenses. 

  • The first step starts with removing all the loose dust from the lenses of your binoculars. Make sure that you use a lens cleaning pen to clean the dust. Use the brush end of the pen to brush all the dust away from the glasses. As the brush is soft, you have nothing to worry about the glasses. This kind of brush will clean the glasses without damaging or harming the original coatings. 
  • However, the cleaning can be quick and convenient if you keep the glass part below by turning the binoculars upside down. This position will help remove or all the loose dust from the glasses as dust falls.
  • Alternatively, you can also choose to use an air blower if you want to clean the lenses. What you need to avoid by all means is ‘breathing’ and ‘rubbing’ technique. It is your breath that comes up with microscopic droplets. These droplets themselves are enough to leave a spot on the lens permanently. 

Step-2: Go for Deep Cleaning

  • After getting the loose dirt out from the lenses, it’s time to go for deep cleaning of the lenses. Take a Q-tip and moisten it with water to float off any residual dust. You can also use the lens cleaning solution if available to do the same. 
  • If you have got a waterproof binocular, there is no harm in putting the binocular lenses under the stream of tap-water. Just don’t squirt it hard. 
  • When it comes to cleaning the lens glasses, do not use any kind of fluid that you generally use to clean the window or eyeglasses. If you do so, the coatings will get affected badly. 

Step-3: Wipe Off the Lenses 

  • When you have removed all the dust from your binoculars in the earlier steps, you have to wipe the lenses off. Use lens tissue or a special microfiber lens cloth to clean the lens completely. A very soft cotton cloth or undershirt will also do if you cannot manage lens tissue. 
  • Avoid facial tissue or paper towels to wipe off the lenses. These might seem soft, but these are indeed rough for the lenses. As these might include wood fiber in the materials, using them might put scratch or spot on the lens coatings. 
  • While cleaning and wiping off the lenses, be gentle and careful. 

To conclude this part, it can be said that, the dropping of the binoculars on the sidewalks damage fewer binoculars than wrong cleaning does. So, make sure that you care about the lenses so that you get the best out of your binoculars. 

How to Clean the Body of the Binoculars?

From the sticky fingers to the bad weather, many things can make the body of the binoculars consists of the exterior, interior, and eyecups dirty. Let’s see how to clean the body of the binoculars step by step:

Step-1: Clean the Exteriors 

It is not very tough to clean the exterior part of the body. Just take a damp or soft cloth and wipe off the body regularly to remove the dust and dirt. You can also use liquid or solution from the manufacturer or binocular shops. 

Step-2: Clean the interiors 

If you have no idea about how to dismantle and assemble the binoculars again, you shouldn’t clean the inner parts of the binoculars by yourself. If you think that the interior part is really dirty and needs cleaning, contact a professional who knows exactly how to clean the inner parts, and how to bring back every optical alignment.

If you try to clean the interior on your own, you will damage the warranty of the manufacturer. On top of that, your binoculars will be vulnerable to more dirt, scratches, and bacteria. 

Step-3: Clean the Rubber Eyecups

Due to regular use, the rubber eyecups might get dirty and sticky. Use a cleaning solution or plain water to clean the dirt and dust off the rubber eyecups. 

Important Things to Remember

  1. Do not force on your binoculars to over clean. It will do no good but damage. 
  2. Do not touch the lenses with dirty fingers. 
  3. When you do not use the lenses, use the lens cap to keep the lenses shut. 
  4. Use a clean and dry bag to store and carry your binoculars. 

Final Thoughts 

So, do you now know how to clean binoculars? We hope that you would reply in the affirmative. This guide is meant for you to let you know the steps of cleaning the whole binoculars impeccably without damaging any parts. Follow the steps and tips, and you are sure to get the best out of your binoculars. 

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