Most Popular 12 Common Tennis Questions- Find your Ones!

If you are in love with tennis, then this article can make a great company. It will take you through some common tennis questions covering various tennis sport aspects. As a tennis lover, I know some questions might be challenging to answer. This should not stress you anymore because this article will provide you some questions and answers.

There are many tennis questions, but the discussion will only base on the frequently asked ones. It will help if you understand the basic facts about this game. Now let us dig deeper into the debate.

Frequently asked questions in tennis

What are the four central tennis courts?

There are four major varying surfaces for any tennis court. They include; clay, grass, hard courts, and carpet. Each of these courts has a specific effect on how people should play the game. Players tend to have varying preferences over a particular type of court. 

How do we keep score in tennis?

In tennis, scores are love, zero, 40, 30, 15, and the game point. In some significant countries like in the USA, players tend to shorten scores to five, three, or four. Therefore, they would instead call 5-4 representing 15-40, zero-4 representing love-40, and 3-all representing 30-30. 

What is the meaning of ‘LOVE’ in tennis?

Many people will differently interpret the word ‘love’ in tennis. Explaining why ‘love’ represents ‘zero’ is not easy; you need a theory. I hope you understand that ¾ of tennis terms come from French. Therefore, in the French language, the ‘love’ stands for egg’ l’oeuf.’ Zero resembles an egg.

On the other hand, the Oxford English Dictionary tries to put the meaning of ‘love’ clear. It highlights that a player will not bother losing the match for the love of the game. 

What is the meaning of a walkover in tennis?

Some people find it hard to answer this question, but it is the simplest. A walkover in tennis usually means a player winning a match due to the opponent’s inability. 

This happens when your player drops the competition, get sick or injured before kicking off the game. Sometimes the opponent might also the game, giving you a non-contestant win.

How long does a tennis match last?

This game has no limited time. What matters is to win the game. Averagely, women’s matches may take 1-1/2 to 2 hours, but the time can be extended to 3 hours.

On the other hand, professional men’s match averagely goes up to 3-1/2, but occasionally extends up to five hours. We experienced the longest tennis match in the year 2010, lasting for 11 hours. The final set score was 70-68.

What is the weight of a tennis ball?

The best and regular tennis has a weight ranging from 56 to 59.40 grams. Such balls are suitable in Wimbledon tournaments and games each year. 

What is the difference between a default and a walkover in tennis?

Now that you know the meaning of a walkover, the next question should be ‘what is a default in tennis.’ A walkover is awarded before kicking off the match; this is a significant difference. Besides, your opponent must inform the match officials why she/he will miss the game. 

On the other hand, default is awarded to a player after or before the match kick-off. Some of the factors that can lead to bankruptcy include; 

  • An opponent exhibiting unsportsmanlike conducts
  • Getting late to the match
  • A player showing violent behaviors while playing 
  • A player missing the game completely

What criteria do you use to declare a winner in tennis?

Winning a set in tennis is always out of five or three groups. This is based on the current scenario. Recreational players still play best of 3 sets with not less than a 10-point lieu tiebreaker of an entire previous collection.  

When it comes it professional tennis, women’s matches tend to be out of 3 full sets. 

For men, they also play best of 3 sets, but not in Grand Slams events. In Grand Slam events, matches are scored in the best of 5 sets. Furthermore, every Grand Slam features different rules and regulations based on the last stage. So, to win a group, he/she should win not less than six games by two exact matches. 

Mostly, if an individual score 6-all, then they should determine the winner from the 7-point tiebreak.

What is an Ace in tennis?

This is another frequently asked question in tennis that I thought you should know. An Ace comes in when a particular player gives a legal service without touching an opponent’s racket. 

An Ace remains a suitable way for a player to dominate the court, scooping a point during the match. Achieve a safe Ace entirely depends on your skills, tens, racket, and techniques. 

More so, it would help if you got yourself a powerful racquet for excellent serves. In 2010, John Robert Isner, a famous American player, served 113 aces in one game. 

What is a ‘deuce’ in tennis?

A deuce happens when all players score 40-all, i.e., 3 points. When this happens, one player will have to win the match by two clear points. Whoever scores after the deuce will be advantageous. However, if they all fail to achieve the next point, probably the score gets back to deuce.

When was the longest tennis match experienced in the world?

The world witnessed the longest tennis match in the year 2010, prolonging for 11 hours. The final set score was 70-68. The five minutes even spread for the following three days.

When was the world experienced many serves in tennis?

In 2010, John Robert Isner, a famous American player, served 113 aces in one game. 


Hopefully, the above discussions answer some common tennis questions for you. Tennis remains a beautiful game, so it is advisable to have some basic knowledge of the sport. The article tries to answer and offer some meaning to commonly used terms in tennis. Therefore, you should carefully go through the report to get some answers to primary tennis questions.

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