10 Best Women’s Tennis Racquet

Tennis is one of those sports that heavily relies on the use of good quality equipment. Owning the right racquet will provide you with perfect balance and comfort. 

But the search to find the right racquet may be daunting as there are dozens of brands with dozens of models. To help you avoid wasting your time and money, we have researched the best brands and their best racquet models.

After an intensive search, we have compiled the top 10 best women’s tennis racquets available in the market. Continue reading to learn more about them.

10 Best Women’s Tennis Racquet

We have chosen and compiled a list of the best models of racquets by the most popular brands. And we hope you will come across the perfect racquet that will cater to your current needs.

1. Babolat Pure Aero Lite Tennis Racquet

Probably one of the most popular racquets in the world, thanks to Rafael Nadal, the Pure Aero Lite by Babolat is truly an amazing racquet.

Weighing around 280g, this lightweight racquet is perfect for kids and beginners as it will give them the best control and balance. The grip of the racquet will give you better controlling power while the lightweight aids smoother swifts.

Moreover, the frame of the racquet called the aerodynamic frame allows you to make faster swings, thereby giving you time to prepare for the next hit. Impressively, the bat was designed with a great cortex system that absorbs the shock and strains out the vibration, which results in a smoother hit.

In addition to that, the racquet has an FSI spin technology that boosts the racquet’s spin apparatus. Along with that, Frame-String Technology makes the play swifter.

If these features weren’t enough, you would be happy to know that the Pure Aero Lite also has also used one of the best strings approved by USRSA Master Racquet Technicians.

This is undeniably one of the best racquets to use, especially for beginners as it makes every aspect of playing tennis easier. Staring from providing you with better grip and control to swifter movement.

  • This lightweight racquet will allow you to play for prolonged hours without your arms giving up on you. The use of advanced technology further enhances the experience of using this racquet as they work towards making the control, grip, and movement even better.
  • Given that the racquet is super lightweight, which aids faster movement, it may result in losing stability and control over your shots.

2. Aoneky Adult Tennis Racquet

The Adult Tennis Racquet by Aoneky is not only an attractive-looking ratchet but also a racquet with great features. And the racquet is lightweight yet sturdy, which will let you move easily while also have control over your shots. 

It has been made with an extremely durable aluminum frame that has a perfectly innate molded handle. This will further enhance your control and grip over the racquet.

Moreover, the handle is slip-resistant; additionally, it has an absorbent over-grip, which decreases the shock to lessen irritation felt by your hands. Now, the pre-strung strings are super close-fitted, which gives the ball a seamless bounce with each strike.

This racquet will allow you to make swift strikes even if it’s a backhand swing, thanks to the design and the build.

What we absolutely love is the addition of a stylish black protective cover that has an adjustable strap and compliments the all-black racquet. Overall, this is a great racquet for beginners and intermediate players.

  • A great racket for adult beginners, which is being offered at a pretty reasonable price point. The lightweight yet sturdy aluminum body provides great control and grip over the racquet.
  • We will not recommend this for advanced players as it was not built for intense use. Moreover, the grip tends to fall off easily.

3. Babolat Boost Strike 

Babolat has unfailingly made headlines with its quality innovations, and the boost strike is no exception.

Inspired by the Pure Strike, the Boost Strike has a large head and design. Thanks to the design and size, you now have the ability to make more controlled shots with the racquet. This is possibly the best feature of this racquet as it combines power with precision.

You cannot compare the level of your game and control when you discover a racquet with your perfect grip, which can be a little hard to find. This is why Babolat was smart enough to offer different grip sizes to cater to different needs, and we absolutely love them for this.

The frame of this racquet has been constructed with graphite making it lightweight but strong. This will allow you to practice or play for a prolonged period of time without fatigue, and at the same time, it won’t compromise the control over your movements.

Babolat has decreased the weight of the Babolat Boost Strike and provided it with more spin and power. They achieved it by making a 16×19 pattern with the strings, along with the frame construction and material of the racquet. This is also going to help you to control your swing speed and power effortlessly.

  • With advanced design and construction, this racquet will allow you to enjoy the game of tennis to the fullest. The large head and strings that are full of grip will let you have full control over your swing, power, and precision.
  • The lightweight of the racquet limits the usability of beginners to intermediates.

4. Wilson (WRT31090U2) Triumph Tennis Racquet

Wilson is also one of the most popular brands for most sporting gears, including tennis racquets. The triumph tennis racquet comes with a V-Matrix technology that spreads the range of the sweet spots. 

And the V-Matrix technology also helps to accelerate more power when you hit the ball. Wilson used an AirLite alloy material to make the Triumph Racquet. The use of this material helps to make the racquet lightweight and also long-lasting. 

What will impress you is the addition of the stop shock sleeves. The stop shock sleeves work to effectively eliminate vibration, which makes the process of playing even smoother.

The racquet also includes a comfort grip. The comfort grip helps to enhance control over the game. At the same time, it helps to reduce any chances of pain and fatigue.

We love that this racquet was not only designed to be used by beginners and intermediates, but also for everyday use by advanced or professional players. However, you should know that it does not come in various sizes and is limited to one general size.

  • Made using V-Matrix technology, this racquet is a great choice for tennis players. The V-Matrix technology aids in increasing the power shots as well as increases the surface area of the sweet spots. Moreover, the material used helps it to sustain regular heavy usage.
  • The racquet is limited to only one size.

5. Senston 19” Junior Tennis Racquet

This racquet is a little different than the others as it is meant for kids. However, if you are someone who needs a smaller sized racquet to get used to the game or better control, this is the right find.

The Senston 19” is super easy for children and adults to hold and swing. And the use of aluminum integrated molding technology enables the racquet to be used for hours without killing your arms. 

Moreover, it also improves stability and flexibility, which is especially needed by young and new players. The racquet offers high intensity and durability thanks to the use of the one-piece molded technology. You will also enjoy sufficient stroke control when playing with this racquet.

Senston also thoughtfully included a vibration damper to further make the game more comfortable.

  • It is extremely easy to use and perfectly built for new young players. The use of advanced technology allows it to be flexible, impactful, yet stable.
  • The cover it comes with is not made out of the best material; as a result, this product does not last very long.

6. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Racquet

The Hyper Hammer 5.3 racquet is one of the best-selling racquets by Wilson and deservingly so.

Created to provide the users with the best of both worlds, the Hyper Hammer 5.3 has the perfect balance between power and control. This enables the racquet to be used for professionals as well as gives them the opportunity to grow as a player.

We really liked the use of Hyper Carbon to produce the racquet as it is much lighter, stronger, and stiffer compared to most of the other materials. In fact, it may even be one of the most durable racquets to be created.

But what’s even more impressive is the unique design and outstanding technology used by Wilson to create this racquet. The design of the head and the strings helps to create a very big sweet spot, which helps to generate a lot of power even if it’s not hit in the center.

By using Hammer Technology, the racquet has a 10-point head-heavy frame that generates a substantial amount of power. In the meantime, at only 9 ounces strung, it remains light as a feature.

However, unlike the other versions, the Hyper Hammer 5.3 does not come with a comfort grip. As a result, vibrations can be felt with each hit, especially as it’s a lightweight racquet.

  • Much lighter and easier to handle than most of the other racquets. The larger beamwidth, along with the head-heavy frame, helps to provide substantial amounts of power. And the bigger head size and open string pattern provide a larger sweet spot.
  • Without the addition of a comfortable grip, a lot of vibration can be felt, which also affects the stability of the racquet. Additionally, full swings may generate too much power as the racquet is super lightweight yet extremely powerful.

7. Wilson Tour Slam

The Tour Slam by Wilson is a super versatile racquet that is being offered at a pretty great price point. This is possibly the best racquet for beginners through intermediates because of its perfect compatibility. It is light in weight yet did not fail to provide a large sweet spot on the head. 

This is particularly ideal for beginners because it will give them more power despite their skill level.

By using high-quality aluminum and their Volcanic Frame Technology, Wilson ensured that the racquet is lightweight, yet has stability and power. The use of aluminum ensures the durability of the racquet and also makes it easy to maneuver. 

While the volcanic frame technology works towards providing the user with stability and power. We really appreciated how little effort you need to give to get powerful shots. 

Additionally, the Tour Slam has included a pretty sleek feature called the Stop Shock Pad. It is essentially a stabilizer, which helps to decrease the vibration and also helps to maximize control. It is possibly the best feature of the racquet as it makes the play a lot easier and smoother. 

However, the grip of the racquet isn’t as good as we would like it to be. So, we will advise you to change or repair the grip if you plan on using it on a regular basis.

  • The Tour Slam is one of the best racquets for tennis players, especially for the ones who want to improve their game. By using the right material, technology, and design, the racquet successfully delivers more power, control, stability, and durability.
  • The grip of the racquet is not as good and may require frequent changes.

8. HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet

The Radical line by HEAD has been around and popular for years, and justifiably so. This line is considered to have some of the best quality versatile tennis racquets on the market. The MicroGel Radical Racquet by the HEAD features its remarkable MicroGel technology. 

This technology presents the racquet with the capability to distribute the shock received by the racquet when the ball hits throughout the frame. And this, in turn, significantly enhances the overall comfort and feel throughout your entire game. 

What’s even more impressive is that it features a dense string pattern that allows the player to produce fast and full strokes at the baseline. However, it stops the racquet from giving out much power.

Now, the added width of the racquet helps to generate more spin. Furthermore, you also have the ability to control how deep you want the ball to land. This racquet will fulfill your needs better when you are experienced with the game. Thus, we recommend this product for advanced players.

One more thing to note is that, since the racquet is centric around control and feel, it does have an effect on the power provided by the racquet. The MicroGel Radical has a smaller sweet spot as well.

  • MicroGel Technology helps to distribute shock throughout the frame equally. More spin is generated with the added width while you also have the ability to control how deep the ball lands.
  • We will not recommend it for amateurs or people who need a racquet that generates a lot of power.

9. HEAD Ti S5 Comfortzone Performance Tennis Racquet

Another great racquet by HEAD is their Ti S5 Comfortzone. Made with both hard and soft materials, it is a must-have racquet for any tennis player. 

The Ti S5 features a newly designed dampening system that reduces vibration by ¼ compared to their previous models. What’s more, the use of the patented Comfortzone design sets it apart from the other racquets and makes it a necessity. 

By including the comfort zone technology in this racquet, it will provide you with the comfort that you never knew you needed. Additionally, the lightweight design will help you to use it with ease while the cone shape of the grommets generates better connection and amplified ball acceleration.

What we love about this racquet is the fact that it can be used by people of any skill level. Once you start using it in a continuous process, you will notice an improvement in your skills.

Another thing we noticed is that unlike the MicroGel Radical, the Ti S5 Comfortzone does not focus on just one feature. As a result, the racquet is both extremely comfortable to use but also provides you with a large sweet spot and power.

  • Extremely comfortable and easy to use. It provides the user with comfort, power, and control. Furthermore, it helps to groom the player’s skills
  • When compared with the original Ti S5, we noticed that this racquet vibrates more.

10. Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Racquet

Last but not least, we would like to end our review by talking about yet another great racquet by Wilson. The Wilson Tour Slam Lite is exactly what it is called, and it’s light. Making it a great choice for beginners.

But don’t think that just because it’s light, it isn’t strong. Impressively, the racquet doesn’t fail to support every strike and allow the ball to bounce back with greater energy.

Furthermore, the build of the racquet helps to absorb the vibration to enhance your comfort and ease throughout the game. You will also be happy to know that the racquet also has a large sweet spot to aid your accuracy and power per shot.

This racquet features a power string bridge technology. It is basically an open string pattern that has larger spaces and smaller intersections that helps the ball to bounce back with a stronger force. This feature will provide you with extra strength and spin.

Additionally, the racquet features a headlight balance that will help the smoother movements. However, the lightweight of the racquet play leads to poor performance during high-speed games. Also, the grip isn’t as good as their other racquets.

  • The Tour Slam Lite has a very large sweet spot, which allows better hits, and that is especially necessary for beginners. Moreover, the racquet being light and the incorporation of the power string bridge technology, it produces powerful shots with reduced vibration.
  • The grip of the racquet is not super strong and may need to be changed. It is also not the most reliable racquets to be used during fast-paced games.

What to Look for in a Women’s Tennis Racquet?

A racquet can greatly affect your game, which is why it is important to find the right racquet. Now, the type of features to look for will depend on the type of game you play.

So, without further ado, let’s take a glance at what to look for in a women’s tennis racquet. 


Weight is definitely one of the most important factors that determine a good racquet. The weight of the racquet determines how much power the shots will produce. As a result, it has a key hand in determining the stroke and techniques you will develop with time.

Generally, the heavier the racquet is, the more power it will exert. However, that doesn’t necessarily make one better than the other. In fact, lighter racquets are easier to control, which also plays a significant role in determining the type of player you become.

Thus, we recommend that you choose a racquet that will suit your needs the best. 

Head Size

A tennis racquet head size signifies the size of the hitting area within the frame. There are four different head sizes, which are midsize, mid plus, oversize, and super oversize. A larger head size generally helps to exert more power and is likely to have a larger sweet spot. 

Larger heads are usually better for beginners or intermediate players. For advanced players who can generate powerful shots on their own, usually play with smaller head-sized racquets.


Having a racquet that is balanced is also a very important feature. The balance has an effect on the swing weight of a racquet. 

If the balance point is in the upper half of the frame, it can be classified as an evenly balanced racquet. If it’s in the middle, it is called a headlight racquet, and if the majority of the weight is in the head, it’s termed as head-heavy.

A head-heavy racquet increases power and stability, whereas a headlight works to increase the racquet’s maneuverability. 


It is imperative that you need a grip size that is the best fit for your hands. Unable to find a racquet with good grip size is highly likely to affect your game. More importantly, not having good grip size will result in poor control, balance, stability, and accuracy of your shots.

The material of the grip is also very important, as good materials tend to absorb the shock to reduce irritation in your hands. Fortunately, most brands now include a variety of grip sizes along with improved shock-absorbing grips.

How to Use a Women’s Tennis Racquet?

Now, there are no differences between men’s and women’s racquet. However, the application or use of the racquet may differ between the two genders.

As women generally have less strength, we will suggest practicing on improving the serves to help generate more power. Apart from that, we will recommend working on the swing and movement with the racquet.

Frequently Asked Questions

There might several questions you may still have regarding how to choose the best tennis racquet. So, we have answered a few of the frequently asked questions.

Which length do I choose for my racquet?

We will suggest going for a racquet with a length of 26-28 inches as it will provide you with the optimal power and control.

What is a sweet spot?

The sweet spot is the area of the racquet that makes the most effective contact with the ball, thereby produces the most impact.

Which material is the best?

Materials such as graphite or aluminum tend to produce the best racquets.

How do I determine how much power my racquet will generate?

Usually, heavier racquets tend to produce the most power. Apart from that, look for racquets with a larger sweet spot if you want more power.

Should I go for a lightweight racquet?

Lightweight racquets may provide easier swings, but it may not be the right choice. We will suggest hitting a few balls with different weighted racquets to determine the correct one for you.

Which feature helps to reduce fatigue?

Mostly, lightweight racquets and racquets with good grips help to distribute the vibration, and as a result, reduces fatigue.

How do I determine my grip size?

To determine your grip size check if you can fit the index finger of your non-gripping hand in the area between your palm and ring finger with ease. If you can, you have found the right grip size.

Which is the best racquet?

There is no specific best racquet as it depends on person to person and their needs.

Final Thoughts

We hope we were able to provide you with great insights regarding the best women’s tennis racquets. Depending on your playing style and goals, you should be able to choose a specific racquet for yourself.

If you ask us, we are torn between the Babolat Pure Aero Lite & Wilson Triumph Tennis Racquet as they are both such great racquets. We hope you are more decisive than we are, good luck with your purchase!