8 Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Player

Looking for an awesome racquet to buy for your kid on his upcoming birthday?

You are in the right place! Yes, we’ve done some fair deal of studying to offer you a list of the coolest products out there. Once you are done with this article, you will find the best tennis racquet for intermediate player.

I will talk about the most impressive features of these racquets so that you may know what sets them apart from others. Also, check out the buying guide to make a well-informed buying decision.

8 Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Player

Each one of these reviewed products will bring extreme joy to your kid. For, they are stylish, comfortable, and fun in so many ways. Want to know how? Read on.  

1. HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet

Let’s talk about a wonderfully comfortable unit. Your little ones are going to have a blast with this stylish tennis Racquet. The model is designed in a way so that it brings comfort to the hand and wrist. So, playing for hours won’t harm the kid’s muscles and ligaments.

You want to buy this cute Racquet for your 10 years old. Yes, the 23-inch unit will help him build a strong foundation in playing tennis. I loved this product for the aluminum o-beam construction it comes with. This makes the model as sturdy as ever.

Also, it has a graphite composite introduced in it for added strength. This sort of construction makes the model extremely lightweight. And that’s what you want for your kids, a lightweight yet robust Racquet.

I also liked the fact that the unit comes with a head-light balance so that there is reduced vibration. So, you can imagine how great feels the kid will have upon each contact with the ball. Also, with such balance, he will be stable and hit the ball accurately.

Now, what about the head of the unit? Will it work? You bet. The 107 square inch head makes the Racquet easy to handle. So, this 6 ounces weighing model will become a favorite possession for your young ones for sure. He/she will love to swing it for the 16×19 string pattern it offers.

  • Aluminum construction makes the unit long-lasting
  • Graphite composite is introduced for added strength
  • Head-light balance technology for reducing vibration
  • Awesome string pattern offers an easy finding of the sweet spot
  • A cover would’ve been appreciated

2. Wilson Federer Adult Tennis Racket

Here’s another awesome product you should take a look at. The unit features an Arc technology. So, if you are worried about stability and balance, then be so no more. For, this feature will make sure that the kids have these as well as awesome control over the Racquet.

I also want to mention the perforated grip this Racquet comes with. With this in place, the comfort in playing with the model is going to be on another level. Also, such a grip will make sure that the player’s hand doesn’t get too slippery. Therefore, there’s no more losing control over the Racquet and getting frustrated.

You will love the Stop Shock Pads this Racquet has. These will help reduce vibration. So, when the Racquet comes in contact with the ball, the hand of the player won’t feel any heaviness. Thus, you have one of the most comfortable Racquets in front of you.

You also need to check out the power strings this model offers. It will improve the power behind each shot and, thus, will help your kid win his very important game. So, I am talking about serious gameplay over here.

The head size of this Racquet is quite impressive at 106 inches. It comes with three points Head-light Strung Balance. And the main strings in this model are also perfectly long. Moreover, the grip comes with moisture-wicking capabilities so that the Racquet stays firm in hand.

  • Moisture-wicking technology for keeping the hand dry
  • Shock pads are introduced for awesome shock absorption
  • Arc technology for stability as well as a great balance
  • Perforated grip so that the hands do not get slippery
  • None noticed

3. 4 active n Tennis Racket for Kids

You are going to love this one! The Racquet comes with a wider string zone so that the kids can play with large balls if they want. And that’s something quite interesting for a kid’s Racquet like this. Also, you want to check out the stylish appearance of this guy.

What I loved the most about it is that it comes with awesome shock absorption. So, upon each shot, there will be very little vibration. Thus, it will bring comfort to the wrist of your kid. So, you shouldn’t be worried about his/her safety and let him/her grow up to be the man/woman you dreamt of.

Now, what is the age group that will have the most fun with this unit? I think it’s the kids who are 6-8 years old, who will appreciate the excellence of this Racquet.

I was also impressed with the construction of this unit. They’ve used aluminum for the purpose. And that’s the best material when it comes to Racquets for kids. Furthermore, I was pleased with the strings too. They are long and very tightly placed. Therefore, there will be enough power behind those shots, rest assured.

This USA-made product will pass the test of time until the kid becomes all grown up. Moreover, it comes with tennis balls to let the young guy get started with it right away. And its 19-inch size seems to be just perfect for an intermediate player.

  • A wider string zone for playing with big balls
  • Amazing shock absorption and very little vibration
  • Aluminum makes the unit lightweight and sturdy at the same time
  • Comes with tennis balls for having fun right away
  • None noticed

4. HEAD IG Speed Kids Tennis Racquet

The product I am reviewing comes in three different sizes. It will serve the purpose for kids who are 6 to 11 years of age. The unit comes with various remarkable features. Of which, the Graphene XT technology is one. With this in place, there will be extraordinary control as well as spin.

This Racquet has many similarities with the adult version of it. For example, there’s this head-light balance technology that has been a widely appreciated feature for the brand. It reduces vibration like nothing else. Also, it makes the unit as sturdy as ever.

You will also like the fact that this model is extremely lightweight. Therefore, maneuvering it will be easy for those delicate hands that you want to be strong one day. I was also impressed by the ability of the Racquet to generate a good speed along with the superb spin. 

Manufacturers have done a great job by shifting the weight toward the Racquet’s handle and tip. This way, the weight distribution is perfect. Also, it enhances stability. So, this 7.6 ounces weighing unit will be comfy on the wrist, be assured of that.

There’s something I wasn’t quite sure about, though. It’s the head. I found it to be a bit bigger than I wanted. However, such a head does come in handy when the young one wants to produce some quick swings. And the frame weight is also great at 215 g, something very ideal for a kid’s Racquet like this.

  • Incredibly fast swings with an oversized head
  • Generates great spin with the Graphene XT technology
  • Head-light balance technology for reducing vibration
  • The comfortable weight of the frame
  • Its head is a bit too big for some

5. Weierfu Junior Tennis Racket for Kids

Now, I am talking about a beautiful Racquet. At 17-21 inches, this unit will be perfect for the little ones as well as the young players. A good thing about this model is that it boasts some extremely beautiful colors. So, it won’t only serve the purpose of hitting the ball; it will also offer a great recreational value.

I loved the construction of this product. They’ve gone with aluminum alloy with it. Therefore, you are looking at an amazingly lightweight Racquet. So, using it will be fun for your children. A lightweight Racquet like this will let the little champ swing hard at the balls with all his might!

Another worth mentioning feature is the rectangular section technology. With this in place, the unit is going to be very durable. And such a feature is also too precious to find in a kid’s Racquet.

Now, a two-pack model is always great to own for the flexibility and convenience it brings along. Moreover, there’s a storage bag in place for the secure storage of the Racquet.

The Racquet will be best suitable for kids who are 4-6 years of age. Its grip will be very comfy, allowing the player to play with it for long hours. Also, the strings are quite sturdy in it.  

Now, the Racquet won’t be of much good for a bit older kids. For, it will seem like a toy in their hands. It’s not that powerful for older kids.

  • Multiple color and size options
  • Storage bag included for easy carrying and storage
  • A two-pack model for convenience and versatility
  • Rectangular section technology for enhanced durability
  • Only for little kids

6. Senston 19″ 23″ 27″ Kids Junior Tennis Racquet

The product I am about to review will blow you away with its look. Yes, by having a more serious looking design, it will make your 7-year old feel bigger. You want to buy this Racquet for the impressive features and durability it comes with. 

This unit will impress you with its head. It measures 92 square inches. So, it’s quite big. But, that doesn’t make the Racquet too heavy. It’s quite lightweight at only 210g. So, while having a powerful striking of the ball, swinging it won’t ask for much muscle strength.

Also, the material used in making it is sturdy. Yes, aluminum seems to do the job in the best way. Thanks to this, you have this incredibly lightweight and sturdy unit. I was also convinced by the pattern string. It looked solid and didn’t give an impression of falling apart.

Another thing you want to check out is the one-piece molded technology. If you are looking for incredible control on striking the ball, this is the feature that should please you. Also, it enhances the durability of the Racquet.

What’s more, the unit comes with a few wonderful accessories. You will find an overgrip with it. It will keep the player’s hand nicely dry. There’s also a vibration damper introduced in it so that there’s less vibration. And there’s this Racquet cover to keep the unit secure. But, it might not be that rugged.

I also liked the shoulder strap that will help in carrying the Racquet on those tiny little shoulders.

  • Perfectly big size of the head for powerful striking
  • One-piece molded technology for incredible control
  • Overgrip is introduced to keep the hand dry
  • Vibration damper and Racquet cover with shoulder strap included
  • The quality of the cover isn’t up to the mark

7. Wilson Triumph Pre-Strung Tennis Racquet Set

This guy comes with an awesome design along with some brilliant features. If your little boy craves for some power in his Racquet, this one will certainly impress him. Yes, thanks to the V-matrix technology, the Racquet will hit the ball quite hard.

The head size in this unit is incredibly large. Yes, 112-inch of it seems to be quite extraordinary. So, the kid is going to have fun swinging the Racquet and hitting the sweet spot as he desires. You will also have to appreciate the comfortable grip on the handle of this model.

Yes, for sweaty hands, this grip will play an excellent role in preventing any slippage. Also, the handle is sturdily made for providing good support to the hand. Now, what about its look? Glad you asked. This Racquet is one of the most beautiful ones out there with its dark purple frame.

I also found the white edging to be quite stunning on it. And the fact that there will be no shock with this model is too remarkable. Yes, it will reduce the vibration very efficiently. So, this 27.5 inches long unit should please any parent who’s trying to present his little one with a comfy Racquet.

The construction of this model is also convincingly strong. You have the Airlite alloy used in making this beauty. Thus, it’s so lightweight yet sturdy. And because the head of this Racquet is quite large, the player will enjoy enhanced power and precise timing of the ball with each swing.

In terms of control, its sleeves will serve the purpose perfectly. Now, for some players, the head might be overwhelmingly large, making it difficult for them to hit the ball accurately.

  • V-matrix technology for great power
  • Airlite alloy makes the unit lightweight and robust
  • Very big head of 112 inches for sweet timing
  • Shock-resistant sleeves offer reduced vibration and enhanced control
  • The head is a bit big for some

8. Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value Tennis Racket

The last product on my list is feathery light in weight. Yes, they’ve gone to extremes of length to make the unit as comfortable as it gets. And you will have to appreciate the power this little model demonstrates. You would be astonished by this, considering the small size of the frame.

Some Racquets come with an amazingly big head. And this one here is among them. It has a 118-inch head. So, finding that sweet spot won’t be a problem with this. Now, what’s wonderful is that the big head doesn’t make the product too heavy. It weighs only 9.1 ounces.

I found the strings to be quite rugged for providing enough power behind the shots. Moreover, the unit comes with a Kompac center technology for a great feel. Therefore, handling this Racquet will be so much fun. Also, you need to check out the Kontour Yoke technology that will let you have a good speed of swing.

This feature improves the Racquet’s torsion stability. What’s more, there’s this Karophite Black technology introduced in it for making it extremely strong. With all these unique features in place, you are looking at a Racquet that will offer you the nicest of feels.

However, this unit doesn’t absorb shock too well. This might be because it’s very lightweight and boasts enhanced power. So, I suggest that you add a shock absorber to it for letting the kid enjoy a wonderful playing experience.

  • Kompac center offers awesome feel
  • The incredible speed of swing with Kontour Yoke technology
  • Big size of the head for hitting the sweet spot
  • Karophite Black technology makes the unit very strong
  • Not the best shock absorption

What to Look for in a Tennis Racquet for Intermediate Player?

You have to buy a product that will help your little one gain confidence and improve his game. So, the Racquet needs to be perfect in quite a few aspects. And these are what I want to talk about here. This buying guide should help you find the most suitable unit for your kid.

Comfortable Weight

First of all, you need to consider the weight of the Racquet. You might’ve noticed that I reviewed mostly the lightweight units. This is because we are dealing with kids here. It makes no sense to buy a heavy model and burden them with it.

The little player needs to enjoy playing tennis. And the only way you can offer him that is by presenting him with a lightweight and comfortable Racquet. Now, if the kid has grown up a little, then you can hand over a moderately weighing unit to him. But, never buy a too heavy one.

It’s true that with heavy Racquets, the shots have more power and swing. But, as for kids, comfort comes first. So, buying a lightweight Racquet is the way to go.


The handle of the Racquet needs to be sturdy. For, nothing can be worse than a broken handle, right? Also, it must come with a soft and comfy grip. Now, while some models have a solid grip on them, others don’t. We often find buyers to buy their grips separately. 

But, that won’t be pleasant, will it? You didn’t spend all those bucks for a Racquet with a low-quality and uncomfortable grip. Therefore, check out the grip of the model and make sure that it’s what you want those little hands to grab for long periods.

The grip should also prevent any slippage. And this is extremely important for players with sweaty hands. If it keeps slipping out of the hand, your kid is going to be bored and give up in no time. Also, the size of the grip needs to be appropriate, neither too big nor too small.

The Head Size

I gave special emphasis on this factor while reviewing the products. It all comes down to the head of the Racquet. If it isn’t properly made and doesn’t have the right size, then the whole thing is messed up. So, check out the head of the Racquet and make sure that it comes with the appropriate size.

When a player is hitting the ball, he wants to have a good balance between the head and the handle. You will find some products to have excellent balance. This is because of the spot-on measurement of their heads and handles. If the handle is too long with the head being short, you won’t find a good balance.

Also, the weight distribution is important. Its head can’t be too heavy compared to the handle. The shots will be shaky then. So, check out if the Racquet is well balanced in its head and handle in regards to weight and length.


Yes, the Racquet needs to be stylish. For, the players are of such ages, when things are judged according to their looks. Yes, our young stars aren’t that much into the quality of a particular product. They go by design and all. And that’s why the top products out there come with amazing looks.

Buy a Racquet that will make the kid want to play. It needs to have a mood-refreshing color. Be it the handle or the head; everything needs to demonstrate stylishness.


Let’s go back to a factor the adults are into. You don’t want to buy a new Racquet for your kid now and then, right? So, if you want to save money, you must buy a well-built unit. And that’s why you need to go for brand-name products. 

A cheap Racquet won’t do you any good, even if you think that you’ve saved a few bucks. For, it will eventually break, leaving you forced to buy another Racquet. So, check out the material of the unit. I, for one, love the aluminum option. It makes the unit sturdy and lightweight.


It will be easier for you if the Racquet is pre-strung. Otherwise, you have to go through the hassle of buying the strings separately and installing them. Also, check out if the strings are tightly attached.


If there’s a Racquet cover included in the package, it would be awesome. This way, you can store the unit when not in use. Thus, it will be secure and long-lasting. And another thing I find very useful is a shoulder strap. If the cover has this feature, then the kid can carry the Racquet easily.    

How to Use a Tennis Racquet for Intermediate Player?

There are numerous techniques when it comes to using a tennis Racquet. However, for an intermediate player, I want to keep it simple and talk about the simplest style of grip over here. It’s perfect for easy switching between backhand and forehand swings. 

Now, gentlemen, here’s how you should do it:

  • Pick up your Racquet from the ground as it feels natural
  • Don’t let the fingers stick out
  • Wrap the fingers around the grip of the Racquet as you feel comfortable
  • Make the palm face upward
  • Place your fingers in such a manner that all the fingernails face the sky, and they should be on the same side of your Racquet

There you go. It’s that simple. Now, try to practice it over and over again until you are an expert in the game.   

Frequently Asked Questions

There might be some questions roaming in your mind. See if the following ones are among those.

Is there any right-handed, left-handed factor in buying a Racquet?

No, tennis Racquets are made for any handed use. It doesn’t matter whether you are a right-handed or a left-handed player.

Do I need to be careful about the size of the Racquet?

Yes, since you are buying a Racquet for your kids, you need to consider the size. For, kids grow up fast. The unit that is even a little small today, it’s too small after a few months.

What are the types of balance for a tennis Racquet?

There are three types of balances the tennis Racquets come with. These are head-light, head heavy, and evenly-balanced. Now, as for an intermediate player, the head-light balance is most suitable.

What are the common sizes of tennis Racquets for intermediate players?

The 21-inch, 23-inch, and 25-inch long Racquets are the most popular among the intermediate players. It will depend on the age and height of the player what will be the perfect-sized Racquet for him.

What’s the best head size for an intermediate player?

It’s either the big sized head or a medium-sized one. For, an intermediate player needs the Racquet to offer him enough hitting forgiveness.

What is considered to be the head of the Racquet?

It’s the entire string area that is known as the head of a Racquet. If the kid is still learning, then you want to buy a Racquet with a large head.

Is it okay to play with other types of the ball using a tennis Racquet?

No, it isn’t recommended. For, the strings are suitable for tennis balls only. And if you want to play with any other ball, then there’s a chance of having the Racquet damaged.

Are tennis Racquets for intermediate players costly?

Not necessarily. There are some awesome products out there that will surprise you with the affordability they come with.