10 Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners You Need To Know

Tennis is a fun sport. However, just like any other sport, you have to know your basics before you can truly enjoy it.

Attaining core skills are crucial to getting good at sports, but having the right materials is the first step.

It is very important for all beginners to have the best possible racquet so that they can speed up the process of gaining skills, and really start having fun! 

So without further ado, let’s take a look at our recommendations to help you find the best tennis racquets for beginners available at the market.

How Does a Tennis Racquet for Beginners Work?

First of all, let us discuss why there are different racquets for players who are just starting tennis.

To begin with, players do not have developed muscles required for the game like advanced players do. They also do not have much control when it comes to hitting the ball.

This is why the products designed for newbies or the ones that are preferred, happen to have features that do not put too much strain on the muscles and are not too hard to control. And this ensures that the players are having fun while getting to learn some skills.

10 Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners

There is an overwhelming number of products directed towards tennis players available in the marketplace. In order to make it easier, here is a list of 10 of the best ones.

1. Wilson Junior

The Wilson Junior series has a range of products for children. They come in both aluminum and graphite frames and are light, durable, easy to control, and affordable. They come in a range of colors that are very attractive for children, hence adding to their enjoyment of the experience.

These products are made for children in the age range of 5-12 years and are considered pretty much as classics. The weight makes it easy for children to control the ball while playing, which is an important factor for consideration.

Just like all products, there are some downsides to this one as well. The grips may need changing within a few months, and I have received some complaints that the colors of the same racquets came in different weights.

Having said that, most consumers were totally satisfied with these, and many children use them regularly without encountering problems.

  • Easy to control
  • Lightweight, so easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Durable
  • Comes with a cover
  • The grip may need replacement within a few months
  • Different colors may consist of different weights

2. HEAD Ti. S6

This one is designed for adults who are at a beginner to intermediate level. Made of a combination of titanium and graphite, the HEAD Ti. S6 is very durable, and it has been known to be suitable for a wide variety of recreational players.

Since this product is designed for intermediates as well, it has a lot of power, being heavier on the head. This may be a bit problematic for beginners as it leads to less control and may be tough to handle for longer periods of time.

However, this also enables you to hit the ball hard, which is quite satisfactory on the court.

Overall, it is a good product for playing for fun, but you may feel the need to re-string it for a better experience, both immediately, and later quite frequently.

  • Durable due to the titanium frame
  • Pretty affordable
  • Big sweet-spot
  • Powerful due to the heavy head
  • A great choice for playing for fun
  • Less control
  • Poor quality of strings
  • On the heavier side

3. Babolat 2015

The Babolat 2015 is a good product for players just getting used to tennis. That’s because it is light and easy to control. And the size of the head is relatively small, which lends it a bit less power than it would otherwise have, but this is what makes it easier for starters and more comfortable to use.

This one comes with an open string pattern and hence gives a decent spin. The string comes at a mid-tension and is quite soft. It has a good reputation for both singles and doubles play.

Moreover, the provided strings are not of top quality and may need a replacement for better gameplay. Some customers have also not preferred the not-so-premium feel to it.

At the end of the day, if you are looking for something lightweight yet with decent power, this is a good product, and it comes with a cover on top of that.

  • Lightweight
  • Good power
  • Easy to control
  • Nice stability and spin
  • Comes pre-strung and with a cover
  • Good for both single and doubles matches
  • Strings are of poor quality
  • Feel is not premium

4. HEAD Liquidmetal

Just like the HEAD Ti. S6, this one is also designed for adults who are starters to intermediate players. The name ‘liquid metal’ is due to the fact that the head has been reinforced with it at 2 different positions. This helps in creating a great sweet-spot for hitting the ball all over the strings.

Additionally, the device has been made using a technology that allows it to absorb shock on impact- making it less prone to vibrations, which is great for the elbow and wrist joints.

This one is also decently priced and quite durable, as well. Overall, it is great for recreational tennis and is most suited to players with slow to moderate swing.

The head of this model is a bit heavier than other racquets on the market. While not too heavy, it may not be for everyone. This feature helps with the power, and the racquet also gives a great spin.

  • Quite durable
  • Powerful, yet not hard to control
  • Gives a good spin
  • Good sweet-spot due to the liquid metal
  • Fewer vibrations, so less chance of injury
  • Not expensive
  • Head is heavier than some racquets
  • Strings are not top quality
  • Not for competitive play

5. Prince Warrior

The Prince Warrior is a great product as it delivers both great power and spin. It is known for being a very well balanced product and is quite easy and effective to use for both starters and more experienced players.

Made of graphite, this device is quite light and contains a technology called ‘Extreme String Pattern’, which is responsible for the enhanced spin. Additionally, it is enforced with the ability to reduce vibrations in both the steel frame and the strings.

Moreover, the grip is very comfortable and makes for great playing experience. This device is also great for serving and is known for its ability to maneuver on all areas of the court.

Despite the great features, this still isn’t a good product for competitive players and should only be used for recreation. The product also doesn’t come pre-strung and costs extra if that option is available.

  • Great spin
  • Comfortable grip
  • Powerful
  • Greatly reduced vibrations
  • Very well balanced overall
  • For both starters and more experienced players
  • Need to pay extra for stringing
  • Not for professionals

6. HEAD Microgel

The Head microgel is made up of silicone material and is pretty well balanced in terms of power and control. Although the silicone is comparatively lightweight, some users find the head a bit heavy. Others, however, prefer this as it makes for fewer vibrations.

As the ball comes in contact with the racquet while hitting, there is a very solid feel on the hand, making for a great experience. This also helps to give the player a boost of confidence.

For players who like to be more aggressive on the court, as well those who like to play for longer durations of time, the microgel technology is the perfect fit. The product comes pre-strung, and even though the strings may seem a bit tight at first, they come to a comfortable fit after a few games.

All in all, this is a great product for amateurs, and also comes at a relatively low price and with a very nice grip. As a side-note, it may be a bit heavy for women, especially newbies.

  • Inexpensive
  • Good power
  • Can be used for long durations at a time
  • Decent control
  • Suitable for aggressive players
  • Nice grip and comes pre-strung
  • Has a great feel to it
  • A bit heavy for some
  • Nor for professionals
  • Strings may be uncomfortable at first

7. Street Tennis

The street tennis junior racquets are great products for children in the age range of 2 to 7 years. Made of aluminum, these products come in nice colors and are very light. The power and control provided by these devices are impressive, and the grips are really well-suited for the small hands of children.

Smiley face patterns are imprinted on the strings, which makes it quite attractive for the children. 

One great feature added to the strings is the thickness. The thick strings make for better contact and better feel when it comes into contact with the ball.

Even though this is a great product overall, the price is quite high, and the design is a bit lacking as the grip’s heel is not enforced with plastic. As a bonus, however, the device comes with a free video game, which is another exciting thing for your child!

  • Lightweight
  • Great control and power
  • Decent grip
  • Great contact with the ball
  • Comes with a free video game
  • Relatively expensive
  • Grip heel is not well designed

8. Wilson U.S. Open 21 Junior

Since Wilson has a great reputation for making good tennis products, there is nothing to be worried about while picking up one of these. This one is made of aluminum, and are sold pre-strung. It also comes with a construction called ‘C beam construction’, which makes it greatly stable.

As the product is lightweight, it allows ease of use and control and is easier on the muscles as well. It also comes pre-strung. The Wilson U.S. Open 21 Junior is designed for children ages 5 to 8. They come in various popping colors that are eye-catching for children.

This racquet is great for recreational players and can provide a fun learning experience. The affordable price also gives it an edge over competitors. This unit is also very durable and has a premium feel to it.

The drawbacks, even though not very significant, are that the color options are not versatile, and the product does not come with a cover. Also, children with bigger hands might not be comfortable with the grip.

  • Lightweight
  • Great stability
  • Durable material
  • Vibrant colors
  • Easy to control
  • Comes pre-strung
  • Limited color choice
  • Does not come with a cover
  • The grip may be too small for children with larger hands

9. Wilson Clash

The Wilson Clash is a racquet that has left its consumers very impressed. This racquet promises great flexibility and power, but perhaps most important of all, it has an amazing feel fo it! This thing is light on the head, which gives great maneuverability, and it also feels amazing whilst connecting with the ball!

Great control and stability, along with great power, are what sets this product apart from its competitors. It also helps to produce a lot of top-spin. This one gives great confidence to whoever wields it and hence leads to a great experience of gameplay. It is a great option for doubles, and can also hit volleys pretty well.

However, keep in mind that it is more suited to intermediate to advanced players. Also, it is quite expensive and will cost you a good deal of money. Moreover, the frame can scratch very easily. It is also okay at serving, but not that great at it.

  • Allows for amazing control
  • Provides great stability
  • Nice flexibility
  • Very powerful
  • Wonderful feel
  • Great for doubles
  • Suited for professionals
  • Not suitable for amateurs
  • Quite expensive
  • Scratches easily
  • Not great for serving

10. Wilson Federer

This guy is targetted towards brand new players and intermediate ones alike and has quite a few good qualities. In fact, it is a product that is very close to professional quality.

It has great power, stability, and depth. Made with a technology called ‘Arch technology’, it is reinforced with a great frame with a springy bounce to it on impact with the ball.

The head is quite large, making it head-heavy, which makes it a bit unsuitable for some. This is something to keep in mind, as newbies are particularly prone to face problems with weight.

Also, the grip of the product has been designed to absorb moisture and hence is great for using even on hot days. The problem posed by the grip, however, is that it may slip due to the smoothness of the material.

Some consumers also complained about its build quality and that it does not have a premium feel. However, at this price, expecting too much will only result in disappointment. The racquet comes pre-strung, but not with a cover, unfortunately.

  • Great power
  • Very stable
  • Grip absorbs moisture
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Comes pre-strung
  • Close to professional quality
  • On the heavier side
  • The grip may slip due to the smoothness
  • Does not come with a cover

What to Look for in a Tennis Racquet for Beginners?

Now that we have looked at some of the best products available, let us consider what really makes these racquets suitable for beginners.

The following characteristics are a must to be on the look-out while going racquet shopping.


It is extremely important for those new to tennis, to take into account the weight of their racquets. There are basically two main types of products according to weight: heavyweight and lightweight.

Heavy racquets are advised against for newbies as they can cause a lot of soreness and pain in the muscles, leading to shorter durations of practice. They may also lead to injury if not properly guided.

Products that are too light may also lead to problems with injury, and also poor technique development. This is why a balance between light and heavyweight products is the most recommended for starters.


There are three head-sizes: mid-size, mid-plus, and oversize. The larger the head-size, the more the power transferred to each shot and more space for hitting the ball properly.

Moreover, there is something known as the sweet-spot in the center of the head, which is the area the players try to hit the ball with, as it leads to great accuracy when you are trying to hit the ball back across the court.

Larger head-sizes mean more space for hitting the ball, even if the sweet-spot has been missed, not to mention a larger sweet-spot in general. This is great for starters as they generally have less accuracy.


Grips come in various sizes according to your height and the length of your fingers. They also consist of different materials. While different people have different preferences, it is important to remember certain things while trying a product out.

Hold the product in your hand and feel the grip while swinging it. The grip should not be so smooth that it slips out of your hand, nor should it be too small or large for you. You can ensure the perfect size by making sure that all your fingers can turn around the grip properly, and by getting a comfortable feeling overall. 


As mentioned above, power depends a lot on the head-size. Since beginners normally do not have much power for their shots due to less developed muscles, they need the help of head-sizes for power.

Having said that, larger head-sizes also lead to the racquets becoming more head-heavy, leading to a poorer sense of control. It is advised to start out with the mid-plus head-sizes at first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even after having all this knowledge, it may still be daunting to go and buy a brand new racquet that is just right for you. Have no fear, for you are not the only person who may have a few questions about the purchase. Below are a few frequently asked ones.

Should I buy a mid-size or oversized racquet?

As mentioned above, oversized racquets give a greater chance of being able to hit the ball and give greater power, but they also lead to less control. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

Should I opt for a more expensive racquet or a cheap one?

Expensive racquets will generally give a better quality and feel, while cheaper one will most likely lack in these fields, and also last for a shorter duration. It is better to go for an affordable yet mid-range product, as starters won’t be able to differentiate between higher-end ones.

How do I know my grip size?

Refer to the size charts provided for your particular product.

Should I buy the lightest racquet available?

No, as this may lead to injury and poor technique.

Should I buy a longer or shorter racquet?

This depends on personal needs. Shorter ones are more easy to maneuver while longer ones give a greater reach.

Should I opt for more power or control?

It is better to have a decent balance of both at first.

Should I buy a pre-strung or unstrung racquet?

Pre-strung ones are better as they both allow choice and are less of a hassle for newbies to handle.

How long can I expect my racquet to last?

Even though products will vary greatly according to the quality and how well you keep it, it should generally last for at least 2 years.