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10 Best Tennis Racquet Reviews

We don’t want our readers to go through this godawful experience.

That’s why this collection of the best tennis racquet reviews was created using the knowledge we’ve gained after personally testing countless products.

Read ahead for complete guidance.

10 Best Tennis Racket Reviews

Our list contains only the top-quality tennis racquets, which are greatly fancied by both professional and casual players. The in-depth selection process ensured that the inferior ones are left out.

1. Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet

Coming from a widely recognized brand, this beginner tennis equipment is absolutely appropriate for junior players of 6-11 years of age. It will serve even adults who want to start out as it comes in longer sizes, as well. Spark interest in your kids with this entry-level racquet!

Its lightweight design with the ability to generate impressive power makes it super easy for juniors to play with. Arm them with one of these and watch them swing like the pros in awe as it doesn’t hold them back, rather pushes them forward! Your child will be an intimidating opponent with this piece of equipment on the court.

The extra-large head size of 106 sq inch is made to be more forgiving on off-center hits, allowing your kids to hit with more precision. It also prevents them from frequently missing the balls. However, they can opt-out for the smaller ones as this model offers various sizes. 

For keeping it nice and comfy to hold, it comes with a properly padded grip of three and a half inches in size. It will fit into the small hands of the junior players, and they will enjoy every swing with it.

Moreover, the frame is made of genuine aluminum to keep it extra lightweight and durable. It also comes in many different sizes so you can get the one that suits your kid the most.

This is unquestionably a top-rated gear that is often used in many flagship junior events. Your child’s tennis playing style will surely receive a boost with this tennis racquet.

What Makes It Awesome

  • Lightweight

    It’s extremely lightweight, making it easy for junior players to pick it up and start playing right off the bat.

  • Comfort

    The padded grips and the lightweight frame design make it pretty comfortable to use.

  • Power

    For an entry-level gear, it can hit with a surprising amount of force, so you’d be wrong to expect it to underperform when it comes to power.


It does not suit children with larger hand grips.

2. Street Tennis Club Tennis Racquet

We’ve got another wonderful product for our junior players, which is intended to assist them in learning tennis from scratch. It comes in different sizes in order to be available for children of all heights. Introduce your kids to the world of tennis using this one, and they might end up being the next Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal!

High-quality aluminum is used in its construction to keep its weight as light as possible to make it convenient for children to carry. It also adds to the durability, so this racquet will withstand more of your children’s abuse. This tennis tool comes strung so you can have your kids start playing right off the box!

Now, the strings have a thicker gauge, which enables better contact of the ball. The larger head with smiley face art makes it easier to make contacts and enhances the fun factor for your kid!

Designed for young ones, the smaller grips will fit perfectly into their hands, and they’ll have fun swinging it around with ease. They will develop proper stroke mechanics and techniques from a very young age as it gives them more control and allows better movements.

Another feature worth mentioning is that it comes with a free video game, which can help teach your children to play tennis by manipulating their love for technology. As you can see, it goes to extra lengths to help the juniors to learn tennis.

What Makes It Awesome
It’s exceptionally beginner-friendly as it is super lightweight and provides assistance in learning the game. Most kids will be instantly interested in tennis after trying this one.


The use of first-rate aluminum makes it extra durable and gives it the ability to survive against children’s abuse.

Thick Strings
Its strings are thick gauge strings, which helps in making successful contact with the ball. Besides, they’re quite durable.

It’s a bit more expensive than other products that offer similar features.

3. Babolat-2018 Pure Drive 26 Junior Tennis Racquet

Babolat’s Pure Drive is already a fan favorite that comes with amazing modern technology and easy access to high performance, making it extra suitable for beginners. “Pure Drive 26 Junior” is this product line’s long-awaited edition, primarily targeting the junior and emerging tennis players of 10-12 years of age.

Young players will feel comfortable with its 26” shorter frame. It’s pretty light too, only weighs 250g. Equipped with this, they won’t have to carry the extra length and weight of racquets made for adults. Their swings will pack a lot more power, and their control will be enhanced considerably.

This one comes loaded with all the features that earned “Pure Drive”, the reputation that it enjoys. So, its performance is sure to be on par with professional-level equipment. The innovative FSI Power technology creates increased spacing between the strings. This allows extra power and a controlled spin on your swings.

It also boasts state-of-the-art Cortex Pure Feel technology, which contributed to Babolat’s heightened popularity. This allows the absorption of more vibration, increasing comfort. You’d feel more in control of every hit.

Another amazing feature of this tennis tool is woofer technology. The specially designed frame gives more freedom to the string’s movements. As a result, you’d be able to hit with your racquet’s sweet spots more easily and generate extra power.

The frame itself is praiseworthy as it enhances power buildup thanks to its anti-twisting elliptical frame, allowing you to surprise your opponents with your ferocious shots.

What Makes It Awesome
You’d be surprised by the control that you’d feel on your hand right after picking up this racquet, thanks to its control-enhancing features.

Babolat’s pure drive is recognized for its ability to create amazing topspin shots, and this one doesn’t fall short at all.


You’d be able to play through the whole match with added comfort. The grip is properly padded, and its frame has a unique and lightweight design to increase the comforting factors.

Players who prefer to play with heavier racquets might dislike its lightweight design.

4. Babolat 2018 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet

The next product on the list has earned quite a reputation over the years, and it rightfully deserves every ounce of it. Pick it up, and you’ll start dominating the courts as long as you have the skills to make the best of it. The 2018 update has considerably enhanced its attributes.

Even professional players love this racquet’s competency to wreck the opponents when combined with decent skills. Back in the 2000s, it helped Andy Roddick to climb up the professional ranks.

With a comfortable lightweight of 11.2 ounces and 100 sq inches head size, you’d be able to hit the balls with the sweetest spots more securely and swing lightning-fast! These features make it favorable for beginner tennis players, as well.

You’ll find unmatched comfort with reduced vibration thanks to its Cortex Pure Feel feature. It will allow you to sustain power using its FSI Power technology that offers more spacing in strings. You’d fall in love with how much control and flexibility this one gives you over your swings.

Feel free to rely on this tennis gear to hit forcefully because it is aided by its unique frame design and the use of carbon fiber GT technology. You’d be able to smash with even more strength using the innovative woofer technology. The combination of these amazing modern innovations takes this product to the next level.

For added comfort, Babolat Syntec Pro grips are used, which are excellently absorbent. Besides, top-grade graphite is used to build it, so it’s very durable

What Makes It Awesome

  • Topspin

    No one can deny Pure Drive’s outstanding capability of producing ingenious topspin shots. It’s almost incomparable.

  • Power

    It can generate significant power with ease. You won’t even have to use much of your muscle power. The lightweight design allows you to swing more precisely.

  • Serves

    Your opponents will have trouble tackling your serves as they will be loaded with an insane amount of power and extreme precision.


The stiffness of the frames might prove to be troublesome for players with tennis elbow.

5. Prince Textreme Tour 100T (2015) Racquets

If you’re looking for a fast racquet with power that you can control, then look no further as you’ve come across an impressively lightweight one with undeniably magnificent features.

The utilization of Textreme, a light, and ultra-strong material, amplifies its stability without even slightly negatively affecting its maneuverability. As a result, you’d feel no strains on your hand and find it to be extremely flexible in swinging around.

Besides, you’d have nothing holding you back from swinging significantly faster than others.

It has a fairly low flex point of only 62 RA, which ensures a very comfortable experience combined with satisfactory feels. You won’t have to go to the extra lengths to make those smart spin shots as it’s 16x18 string pattern aids in producing them pretty easily.

Moreover, you’d be able to do faster exchanges with this tennis tool as it’s much faster from the baseline than most of the tennis racquets. Besides, returning the serves would feel much easier, and your hits will have increased accuracy.

Also, the 100 sq inches of head size will prevent you from missing those crucial shots. Instead, it will provide easy access to the sweet spots that will deliver the balls with more precision. Even in faster exchanges, you’d barely miss any.

What Makes It Awesome

  • Maneuverability

    Take control of the whole tennis court as it allows superb maneuverability. You’d be able to time your shots better and manipulate the ball’s speed as well as direction to your preference.

  • Speed

    Speed is this tennis equipment’s greatest feature as it weighs low enough to allow you to swing much faster. This is excellent for those who prioritize speed over power.

  • Feel

    It fits right into your grips and gives a crisp and controlled feel. You’d feel extra confidence as you step into the court with this product.


It fails to plow-through the heavier shots produced by heavier racquets.

6. Babolat Pure Drive Lite Tennis Racquet

If speed and flexibility are your top priority, then you’d want lightweight equipment. That’s what Babolat Pure Drive’s Lite edition delivers. Combined with pure drive distinctive top-notch features, you’re guaranteed an amazing ride! Feel free to play as many matches as you want with it, as it has a great lifespan, as well.

It’s extremely light and superbly balanced, weighing only 10.1 ounces. As a result, you’d barely feel any extra weight on your hand, allowing you to swing impressively fast and generating heavy baseline shots. Besides, the feathery weight offers extraordinary flexibility.

The combination of 100 sq inches of head size with an open 16x19 inch string pattern will allow easy access to sweet spots and more centered contacts. Also, it’d assist you in generating amazing spins.

This tool boasts the ingenious woofer technology, which causes the frame to interact with the strings when striking the balls, resulting in enhanced power. And the smart utilization of unique viscoelastic rubber absorbs most of the vibration in order to give you spectacular feels on every shot.

For even more power and efficient topspin generation, it uses FSI POWER technology, which increases the spacing between strings. Besides, the frame itself is made to be thicker in specific places in order to cut down torque and refine its responsiveness.

Moreover, this racquet will increase your chance of winning competitions as long as you have the proper skills as it is an extraordinarily fast and spin-generating machine. Strike fear into the hearts of your opponents with lightning-fast deliveries and forceful shots!

What Makes It Awesome

  • Extra Light

    It’s about 1.7 ounces lighter than pure drive, allowing more control, faster swings and spin generation.

  • Modern Technologies

    Superior technologies like Woofer, FSI Power, Cortex make it a rather formidable choice in the world of tennis as they increase significantly increase its functionality.

  • Extra Comfort

    The lightweight design, combined with vibration absorption and Babolat Syntec Pro grips, takes the comfort factor to a whole new level.


Some players might find it to be a little too stiff for their taste.

7. Senston Junior Tennis Racquet

For all the little athletes out there, Senston has come up with an excellent model. Send your kid to the tennis court with one of these and watch them play with more efficiency than they did with casual racquets. Thanks to its extra lightweight design, young kids will love swinging around with more freedom.

Coming in three sizes, 19”, 23” and 27”, it’s suitable for children of all ages and heights. This one is ideal for getting started with.

The special one-piece molded technology gives it high intensity and increased durability. Your kids will be able to smash the balls with extra power and speed extremely easily. Besides, it allows them to have sufficient stroke control. This feature makes it a piece of great equipment to train with from a young age.

Let your kids learn the proper techniques of the game as it allows better control and flexibility. With enough practice, your kids will gain the skills required to become formidable players.

To allow the juniors to hit faster and smarter, the aluminum carbon construction keeps the weight to a minimum while making it durable enough to withstand long hours of practice sessions.

It features decent vibration and shock absorption, which increases the comforts in hitting. The overgrip that comes free with the product helps to keep your hands dry and comfortable to hold. It prevents slipping, as well.

What Makes It Awesome

The special technology ensures that you can easily smash with amplified power. With accelerated swings, you’ll be able to generate more force, as well.


It allows more control as the kids will be able to calculate their shots and send the balls to their chosen directions.


It’s made to be more durable with its aluminum build. And it won’t break as easily, even under increasing pressure.

There are complaints about the grip shifting, resulting in unwanted inconvenience during matches.

8. Oppum Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis Racquet

This is perhaps the lightest product on our list, weighing only 0.61lbs or 9.76 ounces when unstrung. It was achieved by the use of high-quality carbon fiber material in its construction. If you prefer the freedom and convenience provided by lightweight racquets, then look no further as this one will surely exceed your expectations!

It has a lot of features that make it an excellent choice. For starters, the triangular shape blended with the wooden handle will absorb a lot of impeding vibrations. Consequently, you’d be able to swing with no fear of vibrations ever becoming an inconvenience to you no matter how heavy you strike!

The smart positioning of threading holes does more than just making it look awesome. It increases the endurance of the bat and offers stability. Besides, on each ball contact, this feature will maximize the elastic effect, which will result in swift exchanges.

Thanks to the lightweight design, you’d feel fewer strains on your swings, whether it is hard or soft. This will allow you to stay on the court longer and reduce the risk of getting shoulder pains.

Moreover, this one offers much more flexibility and complete control on both the tennis gear itself and the ball. You can hit with outstanding power and at the same time, send the balls slow enough to barely reach the other side of the net.

Also, it boasts a large 110 sq inch head, which decreases the chance of missing the balls by a great extent. Instead, you’d be allowed to make contact with the sweet spots far easier than other products. This feature is absolutely amazing for beginner players.

What Makes It Awesome

  • Extremely Lightweight

    You won’t find tennis tools that weight this low in the market with multiple features and top-grade quality easily. It offers all the advantages of lightweight racquets.

  • Comfortable

    Its top-notch vibration absorption technology is praiseworthy as it successfully eliminates the majority of the annoying vibrations, which adds to the comfort factor greatly.

  • Durable

    The use of high-quality carbon fiber and aluminum in its construction makes it exceptionally durable, something that is missing in products this cheap.


It might be too light for some people.

9. Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Racquet

We have a rather iconic product for you. Spain’s raging bull Rafael Nadal has won several tournaments using this exact model, and you can easily get your hands on it. The fact that it has come out as a winner in the test of professional fields automatically makes it one of the best racquets in the world.

A distinguished feature of this one is its ability to generate topspin that is almost incomparable.

The FSI Spin technology increases the space between the strings, allowing more flexibility. Combined with the 16x19 string pattern, you’d be generating topspin whenever you want, confusing the opponents, and making it troublesome for them to hit back.

It received an update in 2019, which has brought some nice tweaks like new paint jobs and reduction of the frame’s stiffness. Now, it feels much better on your arms. The specialty of the Aero series is its use of Aeromodular beam-construction.

Thanks to this, there’d be lesser wind drags resulting in more precision in swings and faster head speed. And due to the Cortex Pure Feel technology, the shocks and vibrations are significantly reduced. You’d really enjoy hitting with all your might as the remainder of the vibrations would be too little to be an inconvenience.

Besides, the added Carbon Ply Stabilizer will stabilize your shots to a greater extent. All of these features fit into a really lightweight product of only 11 ounces. The 100 sq inch head size allows you to easily hit the balls more precisely, without missing a single shot no matter how fast or how weighted they might be.

What Makes It Awesome
This one packs a lot of heavy punch by utilizing modern features. Opponents would find it hard to return a perfect shot.

Its ability to generate topspin is its greatest attribute. It can do so with relative easiness.

With the vibration absorbing technology and comfortable grips along with the innovative frame design, you’d enjoy swinging and returning balls with no discomforting factors.

Although necessary steps were taken to reduce the stiffness, some people might still find it infuriating, especially if they have a tennis elbow.

10. Wilson Blade 98 Counterveil Tennis Racquet

For all of you hard hitter, aggressive players who love every bit of action in games, we’ve got a treat for you! Wilson Blade 98 is designed specifically for those who like to hit big and strong. So, if you enjoy applying pressure on your opponents with heavy smashes, then you’d instantly fall in love with this model!

Coming from a renowned brand like Wilson, rest assured that only materials of the highest quality are used in its construction. There is no room for questions about its durability as it will serve you well for quite some time.

Loaded with Wilson’s innovative Counterveil technology, it will successfully absorb the majority of the shocks generated in heavy swings. This reduces the strains placed on your muscles on each hit, allowing you to stand your ground for longer periods.

The 16x19 open string pattern offers an impressive combination of control, spin, and power. You can freely control the amount of power you apply on each hit and have easy access to spins, making you a terrifying opponent to play against.

Your hits will pack extra punches, making them very heavy and harder to plow-through even though the racquet itself doesn’t weigh much. Combined with decent strings like Monogut ZX pro, you’ll have more convenience in frequently generating heavier topspin. 

It takes some time to get used to, but once you’re there, you’d have access to a significant amount of controlled power. You’d be impressed by its ability to perform amazing buttery smooth backhand slices.

What Makes It Awesome

  • Groundstrokes

    It offers a solid crisp feel and allows controlled exchanges. You’d find it easier to hit with the sweet spots and deliver with extreme precision.

  • Power

    This tennis tool allows you to accelerate faster and hit with an unexpected amount of power to stagger the opponents.

  • Comfort

    Counterveil technology increases the level of controls by absorbing shock and reducing muscle fatigue.


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What to Look for in a Tennis Racquet?

Tennis racquets come in all shapes, sizes, and types. That’s why you should put some time into thinking about buying your own product. We’ve sorted out some of the things that you should focus on and consider before buying.

  • Cost

Your budget will influence the quality of the racquet that is available to you. Professional level racquets are very expensive, while the entry-level ones are pretty cheap. Spending more money will ensure you’re getting one with all the extra features and modern technology.

Otherwise, you’d have to stick with the ones that just barely do the job. Fortunately, some decent racquets are pretty cheap compared to the value they provide. So, don’t worry, even if you don’t have much to spend. You’d always find something good with what you spend.

  • Level of Skill

The quality and type of your gear will depend on your skill level. If you’re highly skilled who have mastered all the tricks of the game, you would require a racquet that offers the most features. On the other hand, you won’t need an expensive one if your skill isn’t all that high.

  • Head Size

The head size is an important factor to consider. Bigger head size offers more sweet spots, and you are less likely to miss hitting the balls with them. However, if it’s too big, it’ll increase the weight to an uncomfortable level. You always want to keep the weight to a certain level unless you are an advanced player with your own playstyle.

  • Weight

The weight of the racquet is another vital factor. Now, more weight offers more smashing power, but it’ll impede your swinging speed. So, you need to find the weight that suits your playstyle as well as your physical strength the most.

For example, if you are of strong physical strength, you’d benefit a lot from heavier racquets because your body will generate a considerable amount of power. You won’t feel much of its weight either.

  • Stringing

The strings of your racquet aid in adding spin to the ball and more. Low-quality strings made of nylon aren’t very capable of providing extra effects on the ball.

Higher quality ones are made with animal intestines, which are usually more expensive. They offer extra features. So, you should go for pricier ones if you want these features. However, strings are easily changeable, so don’t feel bad if you don’t like the one you just got!

  • Grip Size

The grip size of your racquet must match with that of your own hand. Otherwise, you won’t be able to control it as good or feel comfortable. Grip sizes differ, so you must figure out your own and then balance it out with your racquet. This can be easily done by measuring your grip with a racquet in hand.

  • Balance

A racquet that is well balanced will give you the most control over your swings. Therefore, you should always look for one that doesn’t weigh too much or too little, which isn’t too big. The balance will make sure that all of the features are utilized to their fullest capability.

  • The Surface

Racquets perform differently on different surfaces. Not all of them are suitable for all types of tennis courts. Beginner players won’t feel any difference, but it’s a crucial factor for advanced players. Some of them are meant to be used on specific surface types. You won’t find them to be as good on different surfaces.

Now, modern racquets featuring advanced technologies are quite efficient in handling any type of courts. They’re usually pricier, naturally.  

  • Style

Of course, you’d want your racquet to look good and stylish. It’s only natural. Fortunately, many of them are really awesome, with amazing color combinations and designs. This is something that doesn’t affect the equipment’s performance, but it surely influences the user’s confidence.

  • Extra Accessories

It’s always nice to have extra stuff with the product you purchase. Many manufacturers offer top-quality protective bags to carry the racquet for completely free. Others often give extra tennis balls, which is a nice thing to have.


1. What is considered to be the best brand?

This is a difficult question to answer. Every brand has its own amazing products. There are lots of decent brands out there. Brands like Wilson & Babolat are leading the market right now by offering high-grade racquets.

2. What is the difference between racquet and racket?

The only difference is their spelling and nothing else. Racket is the more commonly accepted and used spelling while racquet is used to refer to certain sports like badminton, squash, racquetball, etc.

3. What are tennis racquets made of?

Various materials can be used to make them. The common ones are made of aluminum, graphite, or titanium. Each of these materials offers attributes to the racquet itself.

4. Which racquets are preferred by the professionals?

Professional players use different types of racquets based on what suits them the most. If you watch regularly, you’d most commonly notice brands like Wilson, Dunlop, Babolat, Pro Kennex marked on their equipment. They are specially made to fit the playing style of the pros, and they’re able to deliver outstanding power.

5. How do I choose the size?

If you’re just starting out, it’d be wise to go for ones with larger heads as you’d be less likely to miss the balls. Intermediate players prefer smaller heads as they allow more precision.

6. How long do they usually last?

It depends on the quality of the products themselves as well as how frequently you use them. If you’re careful enough, you’d be able to extend their lifespan to a couple of years easily.

7. What to do when the strings break?

Don’t panic when your strings break because it’s very common. Fortunately, changing the strings is fairly easy and cheap. So, just get new strings and restring them

8. Which is better, lighter or heavier racquets?

It actually comes down to your own playing style and physical strength. Now, if you want your swings to pack a lot of punch, heavier ones will help you get that. Lighter ones offer more maneuverability and faster swings. Choose whatever suits you the best.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read through our best tennis racquet reviews, you should now have enough insights to choose your own tennis racquet. You can feel free to choose any product from our list as they’re all amazing in their own ways after considering your needs. Pick one right away and start playing!