10 Best Mechanical Sewing Machine

A mechanical sewing machine is a good alternative for a computerized one if you like sewing on your own and don’t prefer the unnecessary whistles blown by the computerized one.

Although there are plenty of such machines available in the market, the best mechanical sewing machines have some unique features that set them apart. For example, the Janome 2222 Sewing Machine has set its own standards.

Some other machines like the one mentioned above are the Janome DC1050 Computerized Sewing Machine and Brother Quilting and Sewing Machine. Besides these three, we have compiled a shortlist of the top machines out there for you to purchase.

If you are too lazy to surf through the internet and examine the myriads of options available there, then this is the ultimate guide for you. Going through it will summarize the features of the top machines and assist you in making your choice.

10 Best Mechanical Sewing Machine

Now that you know what this article is all about, let’s move on to the list of our top 10 picks for mechanical sewing machines:

1. Janome 2222 Sewing Machine


  • Weight: 16.05 pounds.
  • Stitch Settings: 22-inch built-in stitch and mechanism to set up the length and width of your stitch. 
  • Needle Threader: Non-automatic needle threader.
  • LCD Screen: There is no LCD screen.
  • Additional Features: Dial pattern modes to select your preferred stitching mode and a four-step buttonhole.

As we have mentioned in our introduction, this model from Janome is undoubtedly one of the best there is on the market right now. This machine is very light and easy to carry.  It offers you ease and flexibility as you stitch your clothes. Moreover, you will also be getting a muffling mat along with the entire package.

Besides being affordable, the product is also extremely lightweight. You can create a versatile range of products by using its various stitch settings. Therefore, you can customize your stitching pattern and create the most wonderful designs with this product.

Not only this, the product is extremely affordable and light. Therefore, you will easily be able to carry it. The free arm will also offer you flexibility and will be a great help to start sewing for beginners.

  • Light
  • Affordable
  • Comes with 22 built-in stitches
  • Free arm and drop feed
  • Unlike a computerized machine, it won’t alert you with bells and rings
  • The ultimate outcome depends on how you have set up each set

2. Janome DC1050 Computerized Sewing Machine


  • Weight: 10.4 pounds.
  • Stitch Settings: Customization of length and width of stitch and lock up stitch button
  • Needle Threader: One hand needle threader 
  • LCD Screen: LCD screen present. 
  • Additional Features: A start and stop button, and a panel to control the machine.

The second pick on our list also comes from Janome and thus maintains its reputation for good quality. Unlike its predecessor, this machine is fully computerized and digitized. Hence, you can easily navigate through the machine by using its LCD screen. You can also quickly turn it on and off by using the start/stop buttons.

Along with this, you can customize the length and width of your stitch with this machine. Moreover, you can also lock up the stitch button in order to secure all the settings you have chosen.

The LCD screen displays the various features available on the sewing machine. By clicking on each of those settings, you can set up your stitches the way you like.

On top of this, the machine also has a needle up and down setting, the specifications of which can be saved into the memory to spare you from the trouble of setting it up each time you use the machine.

  • Fully computerized
  • Offers up to 50 stitches
  • LCD screen
  • Stop and start button
  • Faces difficulty to sew through the thick fabric
  • Expensive

3. Brother Quilting and Sewing Machine, PQ1500SL


  • Weight: 33.9 pounds.
  • Stitch Settings: 1500 stitches per minute.
  • Needle Threader: Automatic needle threader.
  • LCD Screen: The machine does not feature an LCD screen.
  • Additional Features: LED lights, a set of a sewing table, an instruction manual, a knee lifter, and a drop-in top bobbin.

As you can guess by the name of this product, it can be used for not only sewing up ordinary fabric but also for quilting purposes. It is one of the best mechanical sewing machines for quilting.

The machine can serve as high as up to a speed of 1500 stitches per minute. This is an extraordinarily fast speed compared to the other machines available on the market. It increases your productivity and helps you to save time.

Brother PQ1500SL comes with a unique configuration of a bright LED light that allows the user to sew up dark-colored fabrics without being hindered by the lack of light.

Along with this, it also has a set of a sewing table, instruction manual, and a knee lifter. In addition, there is a drop-in top bobbin that prevents any sort of jamming of threads.

Starting from a beginner to an expert, anyone can use this machine thanks to its versatile free arm setting. On top of this, it can also be used for heavy-duty works due to its fast working nature and multiple modern settings. The needle threader saves your eyes from additional strain.

  • 1500 stitches a minute
  • Automatic needle threader
  • LED light
  • Fabric Separator
  • Setting up the needle threader is difficult
  • Expensive and heavy

4. SINGER | Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine


  • Weight: 20 pounds.
  • Stitch Settings: 600 built-in stitches and 850 stitches per minute.
  • Needle Threader: Automatic needle threader.
  • LCD Screen: One-touch stitch selection system.
  • Additional Features: A set of presser feet for various purposes.

This product features 600 built-in stitches that offer you versatility while doing your sewing. The machine can also make up to 850 stitches per minute, which makes your job very fast and allows you to finish quickly.

It can be quite frustrating to thread a needle on your own. And it also stresses out your eyes. To save you from such trouble, this machine features an automatic needle threader.

Moreover, this product from Singer has set a standard of its own by including some unique features in itself. These features enable the machine to be used for a variety of sewing tasks, be it making decorative stitches for fashion, crafting, or even quilting. You can create your own customized product by making use of built-in stitches.

In addition, the machine features a set of buttons and a panel, through which you can set up your stitch settings comfortably. This one-touch stitch selection system is very convenient to use and makes the job easier for the user.

Along with these, the machine also comes with 13 built-in 1-step buttonholes that make your job smoother. Other than that, this product features an addition of tools like a zipper foot, buttonhole foot, all-purpose foot, and several other tools for your comfort.

  • Fast sewing speed
  • Automatic needle threader
  • 600 built-in stitches
  • Features a panel with one-touch stitch selection
  • Difficult to use the quilt bar with the walking foot
  • Prone to jamming once the machine gets old

5. Bernette 35 Swiss Design Sewing Machine


  • Weight: 16.4 pounds.
  • Stitch Settings: 50 built-in stitches.
  • Needle Threader: Manual needle threader.
  • LCD Screen: The machine does not feature any LCD screen.
  • Additional Features: Seven presser feet, a one-step buttonhole, and a front-loading system.

Bernette is a well-known brand when it comes to making sewing machines. They feature various kinds of tools that can be used to sew perfectly in accordance with the user’s convenience. The width of the stitches provided by this machine can go up to as much as 5 mm.  

You can select from as many as 50 different stitches, which includes 14 utility stitches, 19 decorative stitches, and various other types of stitches. Besides featuring 14 types of utility stitches, this machine can also provide 23 types of stitching patterns. The front-loading system makes hooking easier.

On top of this, the machine includes as many as seven presser feet to help you suit your needs. According to the function you are carrying out, you can select the presser foot you find the most comfortable to use.

For example, if you wish to make zigzag stitches, you can use the zigzag foot. Just like this, various other functions can be carried out with the pressers.

  • Light Weight
  • Different types of presser feet
  • Affordable
  • 1 step buttonhole
  • Not automatic
  • Features a manual needle threader

6. Bernette 33 Swiss Design Sewing Machine


  • Weight: 15.8 pounds.
  • Stitch Settings: Stitch width of around 5 mm.
  • Needle Threader: Semi-automatic needle threader.
  • LCD Screen: The machine does not feature any LCD screen.
  • Additional Features: Knobs to manage settings.

Just like the previous model from Bernette on this list, this model also efficiently delivers according to the needs of the user. Unlike the other model, this one features a semi-automated threading system that saves you from the trouble of putting a thread into the needle. 

The product is extremely lightweight. And the necessary settings for sewing can be adjusted by just using its efficient knobs. These knobs will help you to adjust the stitch settings just the way you like.

Besides having a stitch width of about 5mm, this machine also can provide utility stitches of up to 14 different types. Alongside this, you can follow 15 patterns and load its hook system from the front. Its buttonhole making system requires you to follow a 4 step process.

  • Semi-automated threading system
  • Stitch width of 5 mm
  • Affordable
  • Different types of stitches
  • Not computerized
  • Threads can get jammed if not properly maintained

7. Janome 3160QDC Computerized Sewing Machine


  • Weight: 20.4 pounds.
  • Stitch Settings: 60 built-in stitches.
  • Needle Threader: Automatic Needle Threader.
  • LCD Screen: LCD panel present.
  • Additional Features: Jamming free bobbin system, thread cutter button, reverse stitch button, lock stitch button, and so on.

Along with the features mentioned above, this product is packed with various other amenities that make it very desirable. It has 60 built-in stitches that let you explore your creativity and make various types of designs. With a weight of only 20.4 pounds, you will find it easy to set up this machine at your home. 

The machine saves your eyes from strain and allows you to put a thread into a needle with absolute precision automatically. Since this is a computerized sewing machine from Janome, it features an LCD panel through which all the settings of the product can be regulated and observed.

This bobbin system of the machine is very easy to set up and highly efficient. You won’t ever face the trouble of jamming when you are changing the bobbin.

On top of this, the machine also comes with six built-in Buttonholes. And we know, always having to use a foot control to start and stop a sewing machine can be troublesome. To save you from that hassle, this product features a start and stop button, which shuts down the machine and restarts it with just a click.

  • LCD screen
  • No need for a foot control
  • Various special buttons
  • 60 built-in Stitches
  • Very expensive
  • The hole of the bobbin is very small

8. Bernette 35 Swiss Design Sewing Machine


  • Weight: 16.6 pounds.
  • Stitch Settings: 23 built-in stitches.
  • Needle Threader: Non-automatic needle threader.
  • LCD Screen: It does not have an LCD screen. 
  • Additional Features: 7 different types of presser feet, control knobs.

Bernette is an expert at making affordable sewing machines. This model is no different as well from the previously mentioned ones. And at the same time, it is one of the best mechanical sewing machines for beginners. The machine is very lightweight, as well. 

This machine includes all the amenities that would make sewing easier for a beginner. For example, it has 7 different types of presser feet to make the job of sewing smoother. In addition, as this sewing machine is fully mechanical, it can be controlled using knobs.

Despite being mechanical, it has all the features needed in a good sewing machine. To provide comfort to beginner level users, it comes with 7 types of presser feet and 23 types of stitches. Moreover, the length and width of the stitches can be adjusted quite well with the help of the knobs.

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Automatic buttonhole
  • Knobs for adjusting stitch width and length
  • Features 23 stitches and 7 presser feet
  • Not computerized
  • Experts at sewing might not like its simple features

9. Janome 4120QDC Computerized Sewing Machine


  • Weight: 22.3 pounds.
  • Stitch Settings: 120 built-in stitches.
  • Needle Threader: Automatic needle threader.
  • LCD Screen: Has an LCD screen.
  • Additional Features: An extended sewing table, a cover, different types of feet, and so on.

Janome never fails to deliver when it comes to creating the most sophisticated sewing machines. This model is also one of its finest. Packed with innumerable modern features, it is every sewing enthusiast’s dream come true.

This fine model from Janome features as many as 120 built-in stitches that give you full freedom to explore your creativity. With so many possible types of stitches, you can design and make different types of clothing and decorative pieces. 

Just like the other Janome models, this one also comes with an automatic needle threader. It also features an LCD panel, through which you can control the stitch width and length. 

The LCD panel, along with the function mentioned above, also helps in controlling the machine. It has a range of buttons that allows you to select different options for having a better sewing experience. You can use the extended sewing table to make full use of the built-in stitches.

  • Jam proof bobbin system
  • Range of buttons
  • LCD panel to control settings
  • 120 built-in stitches
  • Very expensive
  • Too complex to operate for beginners

10. Universal Instruments 350 Stitch Computer Sewing Machine


  • Weight: 20.9 pounds.
  • Stitch Settings: 350 built-in stitches.
  • Needle Threader: Automatic needle threader.
  • LCD Screen: This model features an LCD panel.
  • Additional Features: Seven one-step buttonholes, camera, connectivity with Wi-Fi, and even your IOS and Android Phones.

If you are looking for a machine that is both computerized and cheap, then this is the right choice for you. The sewing machine from Universal is also quite unique as it features some new functions that are not usually present in normal sewing machines. It is also an extremely lightweight machine.

This machine features as many as 350 unique stitches that allow you to unleash your creativity. Moreover, it has one-step buttonholes that are seven in number.

One thing that is absent in all the products we have reviewed until now is a camera to record your sewing procedure. This machine includes exactly that and lets you share with everyone how you stitched up a creative piece.

Did you ever imagine being able to download a sewing app into your sewing machine? This model from the universe lets you do that.

Not only that, you can even connect it with Wi-Fi and record your sewing procedure to share it with others. Another uniqueness of this machine is its ability to connect with IOS and Android Phones.

  • Fully computerized
  • Affordable
  • 350 sewing stitches
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and recording camera
  • Lacks versatility in terms of sewing settings
  • Makes a lot of noise

What to Look for in a Mechanical Sewing Machine?

There are quite a number of features that make a good mechanical sewing machine. You must be wondering what exactly those qualities are that you need to look for. Well, do not worry, because we have come with the essential list of criteria that a sewing machine needs to fulfill in order to be considered a good buy:

Built-In Stitches

Built-in stitches are stitching patterns that a sewing machine is equipped with. For people who want to unleash their creativity and make decorative pieces, it is a must to have a machine with a lot of built-in stitches.

The standard recommendation for such stitches is 15 in number. In terms of this criterion, the Janome 4120QDC Computerized Sewing Machine is a good option as it features about 120 built-in stitches.

Stitching Speed

Stitching speed is also a good factor to consider while buying a sewing machine. In this time and age, every moment is precious, and nobody likes a product that consumes too much time to deliver an outcome. Hence, looking at a sewing machine’s stitching speed is a must.

If you are looking for a machine that will serve you with the fastest result, then go for the Brother Quilting and Sewing Machine, PQ1500SL that can make about 1500 stitches a minute.

Control over Stitch Length and Width

While sewing, having control over the length and width of the stitches is very important. It is necessary to have perfect stitches on both sides of the fabric. And if the stitching lengths are not properly set up, you can miss quite a few stitches and end up with imperfect results.

Bernette 35 Swiss Design Sewing Machine and the other models from Bernette serve as good affordable options that let you have full control over the stitching lengths.

Weight and Size of Sewing Machine

Weight is a big factor when choosing a sewing machine. A lightweight machine is suitable for you if you like to stitch as a hobby. Usually, the heavier machines come with wide tables that require bigger spaces to store.

In terms of lightness, the Janome 2222 Sewing Machine is a good option. On the other hand, for professionals, the Brother Quilting and Sewing Machine is a good choice.

Although it might seem like the heavier machines have fancier features, go for a bigger and heavier machine only if you are engaged in heavy-duty sewing work. 


Price is definitely a big factor that everyone considers while buying a product. The price of the thing one is going to purchase must be within his/her budget. Usually, the prices for mechanical sewing machines range from 100 dollars to as high as 1000 dollars. The more expensive a machine, the higher are its number of features.

And in addition, the ones made of metals are usually pricier. This is because these machines last longer.

If you are someone who is looking for a very sophisticated machine, then go for the Janome 4120QDC Computerized Sewing Machine. And if you want something cheaper, you can try the Universal Instruments 350 Stitch Computer Sewing Machine.

Mechanical Sewing Machines and Their Uses

Mechanical Sewing machines are an upgraded version of traditional sewing machines that make a lot of noise and require a high level of maintenance. Although currently, more modern and technologically improved alternatives to mechanical sewing machines are available, a lot of users still prefer it for its simplicity of use.

A good mechanical sewing machine comes with a couple of features like built-in stitches, foot controls, buttonholes, and so on. This machine gives the newbies just learning to sew a good opportunity to increase their expertise in this field due to its easy operability.

Usually, for beginners, mechanical sewing machines are easier to use. The computerized ones are very complex and therefore require expertise.

Moreover, these machines are cheaper than the digitized ones. You can easily find their replacement parts. On top of this, you won’t be requiring a mechanic if you have basic sewing knowledge to repair a mechanical sewing machine.

Mechanical Sewing Machine vs Computerized

The basic difference between a mechanical sewing machine and a computerized one is how it allows its user to control it. Usually, in mechanical ones, users don’t have a display constantly showing them what settings they can choose, which is present in the computerized version.

Moreover, the computerized machines also feature a higher number of built-in stitches that give you a better opportunity to practice your creativity.

Computerized machines can also handle more versatile methods of stitching as it offers a variety of settings. The stitches are more precise and perfect, as all the controls are automatic. Not just this, an LCD monitor shows the control features from where you can choose your preferred setting by just clicking on it.

Mechanical Sewing Machine vs Electronic Sewing Machine

Electronic sewing machines can be perceived as something in between a computerized and a mechanical sewing machine. Usually, the electric ones are more expensive than the mechanical ones.

They also feature an LCD monitor like the computerized sewing machines. It offers several advantages like a higher number of built-in stitches, proper stitch width adjustment and so on.

The disadvantage of an electric sewing machine is its inability to do embroidery. In addition, it is not beginner-friendly as well. However, mechanical sewing machines offer high consistency and stability. Beginners will find it quite easy to use. They are also very affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a beginner, what type of machine should I get?

For beginners, a mechanical sewing machine is the best choice as it is very simple to use and easy to understand.

If I am a professional and want to do heavy-duty stitching, which machine should I get?

For heavy-duty jobs, computerized sewing machines are more suitable as they are faster and offer higher levels of versatility.

What is the price range of a mechanical sewing machine?

Good quality mechanical sewing machines are very inexpensive and don’t cost higher than 100 dollars.

Should I keep my Mechanical Sewing Machine covered?

Yes, you should as dust is the biggest enemy of this type of machine. Protecting it from dust will ensure proper maintenance of the machine.

Should weight be a factor while purchasing a sewing machine?

Yes, it is. If you like to sew as a hobby, you should probably get the lightweight ones as they are cheaper and provide all the basic functions. The heavier ones are more suited for experts and heavy-duty works.

Final Words

Now that we have come towards the ending of the 10 best mechanical sewing machine articles, we hope this proved to be a helpful guide for you.

So, the next time you or any of your friends are about to purchase a sewing machine and need some guidance, you can always refer back to this article.