Top 10 Best Kids Tennis Racket For Your Junior

If you want your child to go out more often rather than sitting home in front of their computer or mobile screen and introduce them to the world of sports – tennis is a great way to start. 

It is an amazing sport that has many health benefits, such as the development of hand-eye coordination, bone strength, and flexibility.

There are lots of things you should know about when you want to get your kid into playing tennis. So, we are here to answer all your questions and help you buy the best kid’s tennis racket. 

After all, getting the right gadget for your child is one of the first and most important steps you can take so your child can learn better.

What’s the Right Age for Kids to Start Tennis?

Kids aged 4 to 5 years old are capable of playing tennis. Figure out if your child is interested in the sport. At an early age like this, the main goal is to stay active and have fun, so it is important that your kid takes on the sport with his/her interest and does not feel pressurized by his/her parents. 

Too much parental pressure can cause your child to be discouraged and uninterested in the sport. If you see that your child finds the sport intriguing, you can start their tennis lessons. 

There is no specific age for when someone should start playing tennis. Even if your child is older than 5 years, they can start tennis lessons. A lot of children take some time to show interest in sports and extracurricular activities. So do not be discouraged if your child is taking a while to select a sport of their choice. 

This sport is about practice and stamina and can be played by people of all ages; hence the age is not limited. 

The Evolution of Kid’s Tennis 

Before organizations like the USTA stepped in to make tennis a more kid-friendly sport, the game was very challenging for kids. The tennis balls and rackets were kept the same size and weight, and there were no exceptions made between the adult and kid version. 

This made it very hard for kids to have fun and enjoy the sport. Therefore, not many kids were encouraged, and not many showed any interest as well. 

Afterward, when tennis started to become a bit more popular, changes were made in favor of the children. USTA introduced the 10 and Under Tennis, which took steps towards ensuring proper equipment for kids who showed any interest in the sport. 

They made sure that courts, rackets, and tennis balls were available in sizes that were appropriate for the kids who were playing. This movement encouraged a lot more children to consider tennis as a hobby and contributed to the popularity of the sport amongst the young generation. 

10 Best Kid’s Tennis Rackets 

The number of brands that sell tennis rackets for kids are endless. So, to decrease your confusion about which one to choose for your child, we have narrowed down a few of our favorites down below.

1. HEAD IG Speed Kids Tennis Racquet 

Head is a brand that has been well known for its tennis equipment. They provide great quality while being affordable as well. With a variety of age groups to choose from, this brand will always have something that is fit for your child. They make rackets for kids from the ages of 2 to 10+.

The racket itself is quite lightweight. This is a great quality as it makes it easier for your little one to carry the racket around. Although the material is lightweight, it is quite strong. So, no matter how rough you play, the racket won’t break. This reduces the need for you to replace the tennis racket.

With its head light balance, the racket reduces vibrations and allows greater stability while performing. Factors like these help your children learn faster and better.

  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy material that won’t break easily
  • Has headlight balance that reduces vibrations
  • Caters to a large age group from 2 to 10+ years old
  • Not a lot of colors to choose from
  • Only 2 grip sizes available

2. Babolat Pure Aero Junior

The pure aero from this brand is quite popular for being a very high performance and well-made tennis racket. So the junior version of it will be a great choice for your kid.
An aerodynamic frame gives you more speed as it reduces the air drag. Also, get a better grip and increased revolutions per second with its special wide-spaced strings. This racket is a great choice for beginners. The weight of the racket is very light, and it is strong and sturdy. 
As children who are just starting to learn the sport usually play a little harder and use the racket roughly, it is common for them to bend or break their rackets. So getting something that is made with sturdy material will make the racket last longer. 
If you introduce someone to a sport with the wrong kind of equipment, the process becomes unnecessarily hard. This could result in a loss of interest in the sport. Good equipment like this will make the game easier and smoother for your child.
  • Aerodynamic frame for reduced air drag
  • Wide spaced string for increased speed
  • Does not break easily
  • Reduces vibrations felt
  • Available in only one size

3. Weier Junior Tennis Racket for Kids

This tennis racket is catered towards beginners, as well. It is small in size and is threaded with resistant strings that increase the chances of the ball to contact with the racket. The product is great for practice and skill development. 
Made with high-quality aluminum, this racket is very strong and durable. The material also makes the product very light and easy to swing for children. Rackets that have a greater weight are similar to adult rackets and is not suitable for kids. So, a lightweight racket like this is the perfect choice for junior payers. 
With a height of only 17 inches, this particular product is great for toddlers. If you want to get your child into tennis at a young age, this is the one to buy.
Another factor that will surely make you add this to your cart is that it comes in a lot of different colors. Visual representation is very important while buying products for kids, especially toddlers. Any child would love to have this racket. 
  • Colorful packaging
  • Made with aluminum
  • A great choice for toddlers
  • Not heavy at all
  • The material gets scratches easily

4. Babolat Bullfighter

With extra tennis balls included and a colorful carrying bag as well, your kid will love this one.
The racket is 17 inches and made for children who are 5 or under. It’s a compact-sized racket that weighs only 5.2 ounces so that your child has no problem while carrying this one around. The lightweight also gives this a greater swinging power and more control over the product.
And with the memory foam that is added on the grip of the racket, the learning process becomes easier and fun as it helps your child remember where to place their hands.
Even the balls that are included in this kit are kid-friendly and can be used inside the house. They are manufactured to be a bit slower than regular tennis balls, and they also do not bounce as high. So the kit is safe for your child to use both indoors and outdoors. 
  • Comes with extra accessories like a bag and tennis balls
  • Compact and light structure
  • Memory foam helps in the learning process
  • Everything included is safe for children
  • Could not find any significant drawbacks

5. Fostoy Junior Tennis Racket

The mixture of aluminum and carbon makes this racket very strong but lightweight as well. It weighs only 0.8 lbs. This factor adds to the longevity of the racket by making sure that it does not break or bend easily while also being careful about the weight of the product. 
Available in two sizes, 19.9 inches and 21.6 inches, this racket is made with high-quality strings that are also widely spaced for a better chance of contact with the tennis ball. These are professionally strung and do not tear easily. So, your racket will stay intact and good as new no matter how fast or hard you hit a ball with it.
And the hitting spot is increased thanks to the oval head design. Also, the triangle frame allows for a stable and more balanced game. This is a great option for beginners, as it helps children work on their swings and hand-eye coordination. It is a great tennis racket for practice sessions at the start of learning the sport. 
  • Carbon and aluminum makes the racket strong long-lasting
  • Triangle frame gives more control and stableness
  • Oval head design
  • The string is sturdy and strung professionally
  • Comes in only two sizes

6. Marvel Junior Spider-Man Tennis Racquet

Getting your child equipment that his/her favorite sports star uses is usually a great idea as it inspires and encourages your child to do better. The same is applicable if the equipment has a logo, picture, or theme of anything that your child likes. This could be his/her favorite color, favorite cartoon, or even his/her favorite movie.

So if your child likes spiderman, this will be a great choice for you. The stenciled graphics on the string and the spiderman logo on the grip makes this quite irresistible for spiderman fans. 

Not only does this racket look awesome, but it also has great features and is a high-quality tool. This thing is made with sturdy material and will not break easily. The material also weighs very little and is perfect for children aged 6 to 8.

If your child is a beginner, this will be a great choice as the product is available at a very reasonable price. Although the racket will not break as it is quite durable, even if your child does manage to damage it, you can easily buy another one without causing too much damage to your wallet.

  • A great option for kids who like spiderman
  • A great choice for kids who are just starting out
  • Strong material that won’t break easily
  • Very affordable
  • Does not include any kind of shock absorber

7. HEAD Instinct Kids Tennis Racquet 

This racket features a unique O-beam construction that increases the longevity of the product. Your children will still have this racket, good as new, even when they outgrow it. 

Vibrations are reduced by a noticeable amount with the help of the headlight balance. This feature also helps in absorbing shock. So your child has the comfort of full swings without any discomfort or barriers.

The aluminum frame also makes this product light as a feather. This thing comes in four sizes and caters to children ages 2 to 8. It also comes pre-strung with a high-quality string that won’t tear even when used regularly for long hours.  

When you get a racket with a grip size so perfect, you can practice better and focus more on bettering your skills as you have full control and no extra weight pulling you back. The grip is well known to be one of the most spot-on sizes for kids who are just starting.

Although it is a great option for beginners, this product also serves well for advancing juniors. So the racket is quite versatile. 

  • O-beam construction for longevity
  • Headlight grip for reduces vibrations and shock absorbing
  • Perfect grip size for children
  • Pre-strung with high-quality string
  • Some orders come without a cover

8. Hello Kitty Sports Junior Tennis Racquet

As we have mentioned before, getting your child any equipment that has their favorite character, movie, or player on it is always a great idea. It increases your child’s interest in the sport and motivates them to do better. So, this super cute hello kitty racket will be a great choice for your little one if he/she is a fan.

This racket has a hello kitty motive on the strings, and the grip is decorated with the brand’s logo. To top it all off, the entire racket is pink!

Available in four sizes: 19”, 21”, 23” and 25” this brand caters to a lot of age groups. So, no matter how tall or short your kid is, you can find a racket for them in this collection. 

Other than being adorable, this racket also performs quite well. It’s a professional-quality tennis racket that is good for casual play, practice, and even professional games. 

  • A great choice for young children who are hello kitty fans
  • Sturdy and durable racket
  • Available in four different sizes
  • Can be used professionally and for casual play as well
  • The grip can be too big for some players

9. Gamma Sports Junior Tennis Racquet

A racket that is not heavy and can support back-to-back games and regular use without tearing or breaking apart is ideal for young learners. With a racket like this, the kid can play without worrying about the integrity of their equipment and focus more on learning and improving their skills. This racket is just that.

As young players spend a lot of time practicing, getting an aluminum racket that is capable of staying intact even after quite harsh use is a good idea. It’ll save you a lot of money as you won’t have to replace it as often. 

This brand has rackets in all sizes for children who are 10 and under. So, you will surely find something for your kid here. The product weight is only 7.8 oz and also has a wide structure for the increased probability of hitting the ball.

Another thing that is impressive about this one is that the strings are very strong and come pre-strung, so the racket does not require any assembling.

  • Wide frame structure
  • Strong aluminum frame
  • Pre-strung
  • Can be used regularly for hours without any deformation
  • The sizing is a little off and can be too small for some players

10. Babolat Nadal 26 Junior Tennis Racquet

We’ve already mentioned another racket from this brand. Babolat is a great choice for both adult and kids sports equipment. The brand puts as much importance on their kid’s selection as they do to their professional line. So there is no compromise in quality or performance. 

This racket is catered towards children who are around 9 to 11 years old or around 5feet tall. If you have decided to get your child into tennis a little late, this can be a great option. It is beginner-friendly and gives the player full control.

The racket’s lightweight structure makes sure that your child can make full swings comfortably without any extra air drag pulling him/her backward. The grip is slim, and the material absorbs shock and reduces vibration while playing. This aluminum racket is also good for young players who are advancing. 

Like most other beginners racket, this one also has wide-spaced strings that increase the chance of ball contact. You might think that a tennis racket like this from a good brand will be quite expensive, but this one is quite affordable.

  • High quality
  • Strong aluminum structure
  • Good for both beginners and advancing players
  • Shock absorbing grip
  • The string is loosely tied

What to Look for in a Kid’s Tennis Racket?

Choosing the perfect tennis racket for your little one can be a bit confusing the first time. Which size to get and how to make the sport more enjoyable for your child? These are only a few of the concerns a parent has while buying equipment for their child. 

Here are a few things that you should consider before buying a racket for your child. 

  • The Perfect Length 

The first thing that you have to look for is the correct length. Most manufacturers sell their rackets according to age. But, there might be variations in size in kids of the same age group. Every child’s growth is not the same. 

So to avoid confusion, skip buying the racket according to age and look out for height-to-racket length ratios. 

There are size charts available online that can tell you what length the racket needs to be according to your child’s height. This will give you better and accurate results. 

  • Grip Size

If the racket that you buy has a very thick grip, your child will not be able to carry it easily. The weight will be too much for them to lift the racket and they won’t be able to perform well.

This is a crucial thing, as, at an early stage, they must have the best equipment to help them learn faster and better. The wrong sized grip could make the sport harder than what it is and discourage your child.

  • Material 

At a beginner’s stage, it is very normal for your child to be a little rough with the racket. So, you will need a racket that is made with strong material so that it does not break easily. But usually, sturdier material means more weight, which is a big no for kids who are just starting.

Therefore, you need a racket that is lightweight but also sturdy. Aluminum is a great choice in a situation like this. The material is very lightweight and also cheap. So even if the racket breaks, you can easily afford another one. 

  • Color 

When it comes to buying things for kids, colors, and the overall look of the object plays a very important role. Children are usually drawn towards colorful things, so rackets that are vibrant will be more suitable for a child. 

Learn what their favorite color is and try to get your child rackets and accessories of that color. This factor will motivate them as they will enjoy the process a lot more.

  • Other Inspirations 

If your child has a favorite tennis player, getting them the equipment and accessories their inspirations use will be a great motivation for them. When your child becomes old enough to recognize and choose a tennis player that they like, they will notice these small details. 

You could buy them a racket from the same brand that their idol uses to help inspire them, and motivate them to do better.

Frequently Asked Questions

To clear out any other remaining confusion you might have, here are a few questions that we’re sure you’d like to be answered.

Why does your child need a different kind of racket? 

Junior rackets are more suitable for kids. The racket is designed keeping their height and strength in mind for better performance. 

What is the difference between an adult and a junior kid’s racket?

The main difference is size and weight. Junior tennis rackets tend to be more lightweight and smaller in size, so that it is easier for your child to carry.

Can your child use an adult tennis racket? 

It will be tough for your child to perform well with an adult tennis racket as he/she won’t be able to carry it around. 

What should be the price range of a junior tennis racket? 

As your child is a beginner, it is normal for him/her to break a few of his/her rackets in the first few months or even years. So get something that is affordable as you will probably have to buy a few of these in the upcoming years. 

When can your child stop using a junior tennis racket?  

As soon as your child advances to a more pro-level, and they can handle the length and weight of the racket, they are ready to move on to the adult-sized tennis rackets.

Are junior tennis rackets good for beginners?

Yes, these rackets are highly recommended to children who are just starting.

How to get the perfect size racket for your child? 

There are size charts available online that will help you choose the perfect size racket according to your child’s height. 

What other accessories can you get for your child? 

A few common accessories that you could get your child are tennis balls, a racket cover, or a carrying bag.