Top 5 Best Flux Core Welder with Buying Guide

Compared to MIG welding, flux-core welding is practically easier and more efficient for outdoor use. Even on sheets that are coated with rust, galvanizing, or any other impurities, flux-core proves to be simply a better option.

Being a beginner-friendly welding system, you can start using one right after 30-minute learning, which makes it a super-convenient welder.

It’s easy to start welding with any self-shielded welder you find, but the best flux core welder will take you miles ahead. But how to find the best one? Well, we’re here to help.

We have listed down the top 5 flux core welders that we found to be optimally functional. Check out what we found!

Top 5 Best Flux Core Welders Review

Our team has gone through an array of options available to sort out the key products that you may find useful. In this quest, we dug out 5 of the most promising welders in the market. Check out the detailed reviews below.

1. Hobart 500559 Handler 

When compact build-up and user-friendliness meet versatility, rare products like Hobart 500559 is made. The welder is versatile enough for welding both flux core and MIG type. So, this is the kind of welder you want when you’re planning on a wide range of welding tasks. 

Upon receiving the product, it’s a rather easy job to put things together. It requires quite less assembling and set up to get this thing going. Apart from that, the welder is very lightweight and portable. You can easily carry it around quite comfortably. 

The best part is, the welder can run on regular household current, which means you don’t need to go for any alteration in loads in your power supply. This definitely is a big plus, we must admit. 

Switching between MIG and flux core is pretty straightforward in this device. Simple click the switching button to move from one type to another type of welding. 

Using the MIG option, you can weld on nearly any material, including heavy-duty aluminum. Again, it works pretty well on mild steel that comes with 24 gauge to about ¼-inch thickness. Weld effortlessly on cast iron, magnesium, copper, and titanium in minutes. 

The welder has a 5-setting voltage selector. It’s a life-saver when you’re working with an alternating voltage set up. With the change of voltage, you can switch to a suitable setting to keep on smooth welding. 

  • Versatile welder can weld on both MIG and flux core process
  • A 5-setting voltage selector to cope with voltage fluctuation
  • Comes with a self-resetting thermal overload
  • Can hold up to 8-inch wire reel
  • Comes with a motor-protection safety
  • A 57-pound device may seem quite heavyweight for most users

2. Goplus MIG 130 Welder

Goplus MIG 130 comes fully packed with essential features that give you a luxury feel at an affordable price tag. It asks for a 110V/60Hz current offering a maximum output of 15%. 

Using 120V power, the device is absolutely easy to use with your household current. So, no matter what type of task you’re working on – either professional or household DIY, the Goplus 130 is going to save your back. 

Its dual air vents allow the device to increase heat dissipation for a long period of time. But it doesn’t let it get overheated. Once the machine tends to get heated up, the device will automatically shut it down to save it from damage. 

Coming with 4 flow speeds – min, max, 1, and 2, the device is a perfect selection for almost all types of welding jobs. Use the adjustable switch to jump between speeds according to your needs. 

Goplus 130 produces inert gas while the wire decreases the oxidation while welding. This leads to a smoother weld than regular. Plus, it requires no cleaning of the surface, too. Carry on welding on one sheet to another. 

Thankfully, you can find useful storage is integrated with the device on its top. You can keep your tools and other essentials there for easiness of operation. 

It comes with a stainless steel case to protect the machine from any job-site abuse and gives it the proper durability, as well. 

  • Simple device promotes easy installation
  • Doesn’t require any gas to operate
  • Lightweight machine can be carried around easily
  • Overheating protection will shut down the device for safety
  • Comes with useful 10-wire speed setting
  • The 120-v output will not be a great support if you’re doing some heavy-duty welding job

3. Reboot MIG Welder MIG150

Finally, we got to put our hands on a 3-in-1 versatile welder. Introducing, the Reboot MIG150 welder, which can be used for the stick, flux core, and MIG welding. That’s more than what we expected from a relatively cheaper and lighter device. 

Talking about lightweight, this machine is a surprise. Weighing just about 12 pounds, it surely blew us away with its performance. Being such a lightweight welder, it can be easily carried around. Thanks to its perfectly positioned handle, moving with this device gets even easier. 

Keep welding on any type of metal with 0.8 mm thickness with this welder. If you have been frustrated for all this time with the devices that could perform only on ¼-inches metal, it’s a good device to switch to. 

It’s good news that you can use this machine with DC power. It efficiently utilizes the DC power to produce steady AC output for optimum performance throughout the welding session.

This versatile device is pretty useful to weld different types of steel—namely, stainless steel, mild steel, and many other metal objects. As for different protections within the machine, you can rest assured that it has been well-handled. 

Every single unit of this device gets rigorously tested for performance, life, function, and temperature before it leaves the factory. So, you can use with utmost confidence – every time! 

  • Surprisingly lightweight device
  • 3-in-1 welding options – MIG, Stick, and Flux core
  • Can weld most thick metal objects
  • Comes with energy-efficient inverter technology
  • Factory passed for performance, life, function, and temperature test
  • The durability of the inverter technology is not confirmed

4. Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC Flux Core Welder

Remember Hobart Handle 140 we reviewed earlier? This one will give you a deja vu if you look carefully. The Forney Easy Weld 299 is a similarly versatile device that serves you in an array of projects – whether indoor or outdoor. 

If you’re a DIY enthusiast or simply a beginner in the welding world, this one might be a good choice for you. It’s really simple and easy to operate, and it comes with a lot less baggage. That means it is very lightweight to carry, too. 

Bringing in 120-V power, the device is capable of producing a steady 125-amp output for maximum power. This allows it to be used in both professional business and household projects. 

The machine is capable of welding 24-gauge steel to a maximum of ¼-inch. Although it can reach up to ¼-inch, it does show some kind of struggling in the process. So, we think it’s better to use it for 3/16 inch options, or if possible, even lesser. 

Being such a versatile device, the Forney Easy Weld 299 can hold up to 8-inch spools. It shows its best face when you use the 0.03-inch wire. Given that every setting is just perfect, the device can produce some really neat welds.

The best part is, it welds impressively fast. It takes just a few minutes to weld on the thickest of metal you can get. Again, the users find it very functional when it comes to welding angled metals. 

  • Lightweight and portable device
  • Delivers sufficient power output
  • Can hold up to 8-inch wire reel
  • Fast welding session
  • Produces clean results, and the surface needs no cleaning
  • Dedicated to small jobs, not for hard and large tasks

5. Super Deal PRO Commercial MIG 130

And finally, we have the Super Deal Pro MIG 130 with us. For those of you who are looking for a budget-friendly solution for flux core welding, this one should be your lucky device. 

Although it comes with a few trade-offs to bring the price down, it still does well enough to be considered a functional welding machine.

It can be easily used for both commercial and household welding chores, depending on the intensity and depth of the welding task. It’s worth mentioning that it is not going to be an ideal choice for large-scale works. 

The device can weld up to ¼-inch with a flexible amperage setting between 50 to 130 amp. As it runs on AC output, it may not produces a clean result as some devices that run on DC output. 

Apart from that, it comes with a pretty lightweight design so that you can easily carry it around. You can easily move it around and even store it in tight spaces, too. 

Surprisingly, this low-budgeted machine comes with a waveform control technology that allows it to adjust for diverse welding requirements. It has a copper tip on the welding gun, which actively works to lower the amount of slag being built to ensure less mess. 

  • Waveform technology allows tidy welds
  • Replaceable copper tips produce less mess
  • Flexibility in using different types of wires
  • Lightweight product can be carried easily
  • Offers a diverse wire feed speed
  • No protection from overheating.

Best Flux Core Welder Buying Guide

So, now you’re ready to give a shot. We hope you may find your desired device from the machines we reviewed here today. But before you make your final move, here are some pro tips you need to follow. 

Consider The Thickness And Wire Weld Type

The first thing you need to consider is the type of wire you’re going to use for your welding. Similarly, consider the thickness of the wire, as well. The device will use the same type of wire material that you’re going to weld on. 

For example, if you’re going to weld on an aluminum material, the wire needs to be made of aluminum, as well. Also, depending on the type of joining, the thickness of the wire may vary. So you have to assess all these points before getting a machine for your task. 

Check For Thermal Overload Protection

As it’s a welding machine that produces a flame, the flux core welder will cause a lot of heat. This is quite common for such a device. But if the machine doesn’t have any thermal overload protection, the welder can get damaged due to overloaded temperature. 

So, make sure it comes with well-functional thermal overload protection. It will shut the device down when the heat is rising beyond the tolerance border. 

Protability Is Crucial

It’s not possible to move the metal objects you are going to weld to a specific point. Ideally, the machine needs to reach the material. So, here comes the issue of portability. The more portable machine you find, the easier for you to weld around in your project. 

Keep two things in mind when you’re confirming portability. First, the device needs to be lightweight so that you can lift it up easily. Second, it should be well-designed to be compact. This way, it will be pretty much comfortable in handling, too. 

Never Underestimate Lead Quality

The lead quality can make a huge difference in the output of your welding work. It all depends on the thickness of the lead the machine comes with. The thicker and durable it is, the better output you can expect.

Again, the length of the lead is quite crucial, too. You will struggle with a short lead when you need to weld on those tight corners on a sheet. So, generally, the longer the lead, the more comfortable you will feel while welding. 

Final Words

When you have tons of different options in front of you, it’s hard to point out the best flux core welder instantly. Our team did their best to rule out some of the devices that you definitely don’t want to buy. 

What remained are the most promising flux core welding devices that you can try on anytime. Try any of the machines we have reviewed here today to get a ‘hands-on’ experience today. In case you’re looking out for more, keep our buying guide with you. It will definitely land you on the right page!