Basic Rules of Tennis for the Beginners | How To Play Well?

As a gentleman’s game, Tennis has gained fame throughout the world. It is a standard-level sport having a complex link of rules and regulations. To play Tennis, these rules must be followed. Do you know how to play Tennis? If you are a beginner, you must know the basic Tennis rules to understand the game and play well. In this article, we are going to talk about all the basic rules you should know.

Basic Tennis Rules For The Beginners: From the beginning of the match until the end, there some common rules and systems that run the match. So, the INS, and outs of a tennis match are explained here accordingly. 

The Basic Rules before Starting

At the very beginning of the play, one must know the general rules. You have to know about the equipment, the playing area, and some other basic systems before you get yourself ready to play.

You must have a Racket and a Tennis ball to play Tennis. A Racket is a hand-held device. You should hit the ball with the racket.

There is a rectangular court divided into two sections by a net. There is a baseline on each side which indicates the border of the court. A central mark divides the court into equal parts. Two service boxes are determined at one side by a central line.

There need two opponent parties for Tennis. If one player plays from each side, it’s called a singles match, and if two players play, it’s called a doubles match.

In men’s game, one party has to win 3 sets out of 5, and in women’s, one has to win 2 sets out of 3 to win the match.

Before starting the match, a toss is made to decide the server. The server starts the match by serving the ball and the receiver receives it. After ending a set, the receiver becomes the server, and he continues until the set is ended. In every set, it goes into this system.

Rules While Playing

Okay! Now that you know the general Tennis rules basics, now let’s start playing. We are going to talk about key rules regarding the scoring system and points earning and losing systems in the following sections. 

Scoring System: The Scoring system for tennis is much more complicated. At first, you should know these terms which determine the result of the match.   Points are the lowest criteria for measuring the result. Four points complete a Game. Thus, six games complete a Set. In this way, who wins six games with a difference of two, wins a set. Then, winning some sets fix the match-winner.  

Now here is the system of the result. The lowest unit Points are earned in scores. From zero, the score starts. In 15 scores, 1 point is counted. In 30 scores, 2 points. Then, 40 scores make 3 points. After these, the final point decides the game-winner. It is counted as 0 (love) – 15 – 30 – 40 – games.  When each party lands on 40 – 40 scores, it’s called a Deuce. 

At this time, who wins the next point makes an advantage point? Then he has to win the next point respectively to win the game. If he fails to win, then the scores again return to 40-40. Playing continues in this way until one completes the game.

It looks like this:

15 (1 point) – 0 (0 point)
30 (2 points) – 0 (0 point)
30 (2 points) – 15 (1 point)
30 (2 points) – 30 (2 points)
40 (3 points) – 30 (2 points)
40 (3 points) – 40 (3 points) =Deuce

Advantage point – 40 (3 points)

Next point – 40 (3 points)

Here the 1st player wins the game. Because he earns two points consequently after deuce.

Then, when a player wins a game, he advances himself. In this way, one party has to win six games to win a set. The chart is like 6-4 or 7-5 because at least two games difference is imperative. If both parties are bound in the same number of games, then a tie-break is needed to distinguish the winner. The system is, one party has to win 2 games in a row.

After winning sets in this fashion, the match-winner will be determined.

Points earning and Losing System: As a beginner, you should know tennis basic rules relating to how you get or lose the points. There are some faults which you cannot make during playing. If you make these, you will lose points and if your opponents make these, you will get points. Let’s know these faults:

  • The server serves the ball for the first time. If he fails to serve, then he can make the 2nd. If he also fails to serve the second, then he will lose the point. The first serve will be defined as a fault serves and the second is a double fault.
  • The Server cannot touch the Baseline. He has to serve from the right side of the Baseline. If he touches, it will be foot fault. Further, he cannot cross the central mark.
  • Hitting the net by the ball will be called as a net fault. If the ball goes to the opposite side after hitting the net then it is named Let and the server will get the opportunity to serve the ball again. But if the ball returns after hitting the net, the server will lose the serving chance.
  • The players have to return the ball to the other service side. If one fails to return, the point is lost. Moreover, the ball should be returned before it gets two bounces on one side. Again, players cannot hit the ball twice accordingly.
  • If the ball goes outside the line and player hits it, then it will cost a point for the team.
  • It is a fault for the players if the ball touches the body. It is counted as a penalty.
  • Players have to stay at their side. They cannot go to the other side while playing.
  • The players have to send the ball by hitting it with the racket. No players can throw the racket to hit the ball. It loses a point and earns a penalty. 

Final Thoughts

So, that’s our guide on Tennis rules for beginners. You should learn these rules before you start playing Tennis. The rules and system described above should be kept in mind. These will help you to understand the Tennis and to be a better player as a beginner.   

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