A Complete Guide To Setup a TIG Welder | How To Set Up A TIG Welder?

TIG welding is one of the most popular and reliable welding types. It is used for the metals instead of other materials. This kind of welding is quite powerful and strong. That the stitch placed in this process long-last for couple of years. It does not get affected by any of the external effect given to the material. This is the reason that great majority of general population wants to learn how to set up a TIG welder. So that they can weld their very own household equipment by themselves.

No doubt TIG welding is a kind of procedure that can be done by professionals only. But still, they must learn at initial stage how to set up a TIG welder to make their process going. If they do not know about the basic things of this whole procedure. They will not be able to perform all the task better. So, here we are going to describe the complete step by step guide. How to set up a TIG welder so that you can make this whole thing done better.

Connect Torch

The very first step to set up a TIG welder is to connect the torch. Since torch is the very basic thing that you have to connect with the welder because it helps to weld the things better. It offers better visuality to set up the stitches on the surface.

Connect Remote Control

The remote control is the second thing to connect with the TIG welder. You must not have to forget to connect the remote control because, with the help of this thing, you will be able to operate your TIG welder properly.

Connect Work Clamp

Another most important thing that you have to connect in the step by step sequence. Of how to set up a TIG welder is connecting the work clamp. Since every item that connects to the TIG welder is important. But work clamp is the most important one among all. Because it functions the machine overall. If you will not connect this thing with the machine. Then you will never be able to weld. So, make sure to connect the work clamp properly with the machine.

Select Polarity

Selecting the polarity is quite a critical task to perform for some people. Because this thing requires proper knowledge of basics of physics. That person should have the knowledge of polarity. So, if you are not familiar with this thing, then first get the knowledge of this thing. Then select relevant pole to connect so you can perfectly make the machine function and run it the best way.

Prepare Tungsten

Preparing Tungsten is another one of the most important things to consider in order to understand how to set up a TIG welder. This the thing that will weld the surface and offer the functionality that was expected from this device. If it is not prepared better, then you might not get the best results that you want. So, make sure to prepare it perfectly.

Assemble the Torch 

Assembling the torch is the next step to follow in this guide. Make sure to assemble it perfectly, otherwise, you might not be able to get effective results. 

Install Tungsten

After preparing the tungsten, you have to install it with the other equipment properly. This is the thing that will help you out to get better results. 

Connect Power

Connecting power is the last step in this whole procedure. It is an essential and obvious thing to connect the TIG welder with the energy source so that you can make it function. 


Q: Can we TIG weld without Gas?

Without a proper gas source, you can burn the Tungsten and also contaminate the welding, while there would not be much strength and boding in the workpiece. As we can say that, the process will be done without proper gas source but it will not be long-lasting, which means that it might break down within one or two days. In this case, it is said that it is not possible to TIG weld without gas because this kind of non-reliability is not accepted in TIG weld.

Q: Can we use CO2 for TIG welding?

Well, CO2 is a kind of cooler gas. It does not offer much harder and strong weld. This is the reason that people don’t use CO2 for TIG welding because it will not offer such long-lasting results as people might expecting from it.

Q: What Polarity is used for TIG welding?

Well, the selection of polarity is a kind of important thing to consider but it is not the thing that might offer you any kind of problem or difficulty to understand. So, for TIG welding, you have to carry a negative pole to the torch and positive pole to the work so that heat goes in the shape of an arc, which is ideal for TIG welding.

Q: Can Aluminium be Welded with DC TIG?

Well, DC TIG offers quite a thin layer of aluminium on the surface. It does not offer much hardness or thickness as it is required. That’s why AC TIG is used instead of DC TIG to weld aluminium.


Well, the above has described the complete guide on how to set up a TIG welder. All of these steps that are above-described are in the complete format to help you out to understand how to set up a TIG welder. These steps must be followed in the same order as described. Some of the time it happens that people perform all the activities written-above but they don’t follow the sequence, due to which, they don’t get the results as they were expecting. In fact, they make the thing even worse this way. This is the reason that it is highly important that people should follow all the steps as they are described so that they can get the best TIG results as they want.